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Buy Used Bandsaw

Let me cloud the issue a little further; I was just at a store looking at bandsaws and I have to ask; why would anyone spend $1000 on a 14" Delta or Powermatic, then perhaps another $100+ for riser block, maybe a fence if not included (Delta) and other little items vs. spending $1200 for a much bigger, welded steel frame BS like an 18" Jet or Delta?

buy used bandsaw

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Whatever the circumstances, be thorough and critical when inspecting a used bandsaw. There are many ways in which the purchase of a used bandsaw can turn into an expensive decision that results in being less cost-effective than having purchased one brand new.

View First Choice Industrial's complete inventory of available used bandsaws/resaws for sale. View First Choice Industrial's complete inventory of available used woodworking machinery.We are a full-service woodworking machinery distributor, in Metro-Atlanta, offering a complete selection of high-quality new and used woodworking machines from our local and national used woodworking machinery listings.For additional information on new or used woodworking machinery & equip. for a wide variety of applications, including wood, plastic, composites, non-ferrous metals, sign and aerospace manufacturing, Call: 678-642-9722 or Email:

Let us know how we can contact you and someone will reach out at very soon! FMS offers very competitive pricing on all of your fabricating machine tools needs, and we look forward to working together with you. Whether you want to buy new or used, we can source your machine through our extensive network.

Buy used Sawmills for sale in excellent condition from different brands with shipping and trucking services available. Used sawmill machinery is the best choice to cut lumber and get finished wood products. All the sawmill equipment we offer is affordable, robust, and of high grade. Fulfill the cutting requirements now with the best sawmill equipment!

An industrial grade horizontal bandsaw is a powerful tool that uses a very sharp flexible blade to cut different types of materials, most often, wood, metal, and plastics too. These machines can cut one part at a time or be equipped with bundle cutting capabilities to cut a stack of parts in one pass. The blade is mounted on a series of rollers powered by a motor and gearbox combination (light duty/ home hobbyist machines will be direct drive systems). If you are considering buying one, here are a few features to look for.

There are two main types of horizontal industrial bandsaws; pivot style and dual column. Pivot style saws are less expensive but offer a smaller cutting capacity and lower HP drives. Dual Column systems allow for a much larger cutting capacity and a more rigid and durable frame controlling the cutting speed and feed at a much better rate. Although Dual Column systems are more expensive they are meant to last generations through production use. They also tend to come with more features. Deciding between a pivot style and a dual column machine will have most to do with your budget and the overall application you intend to use the saw for.

If you are concerned about the price of a new bandsaw, consider buying something used as often there are years left in the machines. Because almost all of the parts are replaceable, these machines can continue to last for many years saving you 50% or more from the cost of new. However if your application is a demanding one you may want to purchase a new machine knowing it is provided with a solid design and warranty that ensures your machine will be running right from day one.

Take a look through our inventory or just give us a call here at Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales. We have used items arriving daily and a complete selection of the best new sawing systems for industrial use. We also offer financing, trades, machinery brokerage and so much more to make sure you get the equipment you need to get the job done. With over 100 years of combined experience, we are here to help.

Wood-Mizer's Used Equipment website allows visitors to shop for all kinds of used Wood-Mizer equipment. Wood-Mizer owners have the unique opportunity to list their used equipment and benefit from one of the best sources on the web for finding quality, used sawing equipment. Also, Wood-Mizer owners can get "Orange Book" quotes from Wood-Mizer on the value of your used equipment.

Drift on a bandsaw is the tendancy to cut in a line that is not perpendicular to the front of the saw. As to why it occurs, that is a good physics question, and has to do with how the blade is riding on the wheels. In many cases if you get the blade tracking so that the gullet of the teeth are positioned over the center of the wheel, and get the blade tensioned properly, the drift can be eliminated. If some drift remains, its not a problem, just adjust your fence so that it aligns with the natural cut direction of your bandsaw and it will work fine.

The result of all of this activity is a huge surplus of building materials. Extra tiles left over from someone who bought too much for his bathroom. Entire kitchen cabinet sets and high-quality windows and doors from the homes of rich people who grew tired of the current layout of their house and had it rebuilt. Even unused beams and industrial-grade components from office construction projects. And of course various fixtures and parts of every type.

A beautiful heavy-duty solid wood front door (with 12 panes of glass in a grid formation) for $20 (roughly comparable to a $400 door at Home Depot)A set of four double-pane 2ft x 3ft window sashes in new condition for $4 each (to be used in the garage) (value about $300)About 80 square feet of tile for 50 cents per square foot (total $40, worth about $200 new)An apparently unused and very nice toilet for $30 (new value about $140)

The total spending on this trip to the store was $106, for materials we actually needed, that would have otherwise cost $1040. A savings of over 900 bucks, just for embracing the idea of used rather than new materials, and knowing where to shop!*

It would be nice to have one of those stores near me. Working in the home repair and remodeling business I was able to get much of the materials for building my own house for free. Actually it was better than free. I was paid to remove them from their original locations and haul them away. I got all my entry doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, some interior doors, windows and plumbing fixtures. My best freebie was a two car garage. I jacked it up and prepped it for the move, then I paid to have it moved 3/4 of a mile and placed on a new slab with radiant heat. If you know the contractors who work on expensive homes you can often get the materials as they are removed. Most of the wood for my house came from a very mustachian source, my own woodlot. I logged it, bought a used bandsaw mill and cut my own lumber. Some of that lumber became a solar heated kiln which was used to dry what went into the house. After I was done I sold the sawmill for $1,800 more than I paid.

A wide blade with large teeth lets you cut piece of very thick material, such as the large arches used for shelves used in chimneys.The band saw is a versatile tool that lets you carry out the most disparate operations; a truly indispensable tool for every woodworking workshop.

Our stock bandsaws will have the Euroguide system. These have a 50 year proven track record, and utilize an industry wide standard guide mounting post, so if you prefer another type of guide system you're not stuck shelling out another couple of hundred bucks for a conversion kit just to install them. I have tried many guide systems over the years (Several Carters, Laguna Ceramic guides, Paddock Tools) and I personally prefer the Euro guides. They adhere to the KISS principle. No tools required, quick to set up and effective. However, if you do decide you want something else, then pretty much all your aftermarket guide sets will fit the SCM saws. My advice is to use the Euroguides at first, THEN decide if you really need something else. It's easy to get carried away and spend lots of money on parts you might never actually use. If there's money burning a hole in your pocket, I would spend it on blades before aftermarket parts.

There are too many choices and many good manufacturers out there to answer this definitively. My two most used blades are the Lenox 1" Woodmaster CT, carbide tipped blade. (resawing, ripping, nearly all straight cutting operations, even plywood). And the 1/4" Lenox Diemaster, 6tpi (gets most of my contour cutting and small parts slicing.)

Excellent, really. With standard blades you will see some mill marks due to the nature of most bandsaw blades. These are common and normal because the teeth are offset to both sides of the cut line. The more aggressive the blade (like a 2tpi blade for resawing) the more pronounced the marks will be. One thing about most carbide tipped blades that is different than standard blades is the teeth are ground with no set or rake. They cut straight down, so you will experience fewer mill marks with them and a much better finish right off of the bandsaw.

Please forget everything you may have read about co-planer wheels. It really is given way too much air time and means even less on flat tire bandsaws, like these. You can, theoretically, have coplanar wheels for one particular blade at one particular tension and one particular tracking adjustment... Change blades, it all goes out the window. Think about it. You have a fixed lower wheel and an upper wheel that tilts -- how can this ever be coplanar? Within the vicinity of coplanar is more reasonable, and almost every saw is there. Waste your energy making a jig that does something, not making a jig to try and test something that can't really exist.

The present invention consists of a lathe attachment for installation on a portable bandsaw mill, for turning round shafts from wood blocks on the portable bandsaw mill. The lathe attachment has an elongated chassis, a tailstock and a headstock mounted on opposite ends of the chassis for holding and rotating a wood block along the chassis. Bindings are provided to retain the chassis to the cross beams of the portable bandsaw mill. In another aspect of the invention, a number of symmetrical facets are firstly sawed along the wood block prior to turning the wood block. The turning of a round shaft on the bandsaw mill is preferably effected while the alignment of the wood block or shaft makes an acute angle with the direction of movement of the bandsaw head. 041b061a72


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