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Comprehensive Care.

School Evaluations

I administer comprehensive evaluations, giving cognitive batteries, processing batteries, and academic batteries to determine your child's difficulties as part of an IEP assessment. I am happy to attend the IEP meeting of your child and interface with your child's administrators and teachers. 

Intelligence Testing
(IQ Testing)

Are you curious about your IQ? Applying to MENSA? I am able to administer IQ tests, both in person and online for all individuals of any age.

Diagnostic Services

Beyond the school evaluation, I am licensed to provide diagnostic services regarding a range of childhood difficulties, including learning disabilities, autism, and socioemotional disorders. Diagnostic evaluations can be provided for persons of any age. I am more than happy to assist college-aged students who require a diagnostic evaluation in order to access disability services and accommodations at their school.

Services are available both online and in person. Please inquire.

If you are African-American and your school district is unable/unwilling to provide an IQ test under the Larry P. ruling, I am honored to render an assessment if you wish to know your child's IQ score for your own purposes, including for admission to gifted schools. The ruling only applies to school districts who are regulated by the California Department of Education.

It is my pleasure to offer this service to African-American families.

Counseling Services

I provide counseling services to children and adolescents regarding issues that are impacting school performance. I enjoy guiding families with organization and home structure to assist their student(s) as well. 

Special Education Advocacy

Do you need help and guidance through the complex IEP process? Is your school rejecting your suggestions and input? Is your child not receiving the proper services? Are timelines not being followed by the district? I am here to help with special education advocacy and support.

Executive Functioning Coaching

I provide coaching sessions to help build executive functioning skills and to simply help your student organize their day. College students may also need help setting up for the semester or organizing their assignments and related priorities. 

Public Speaking/Workshop Presentations

As a consultant for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Polaris regarding domestic child sex trafficking, I have engaged in public speaking for the Rotary International Club, schools, county offices, foster care kinship, universities, and the California Association of School Psychologists regarding this pressing concern in America. I am able to provide public speaking regarding the nature of domestic child sex trafficking (including familial trafficking), signs and symptoms in schools and the community, and clinical effects of the various types of trafficking on children and adolescents. I speak to teachers and professors regarding recognition and response of child sex trafficking in public schools and additionally work on developing/editing trafficking education curriculum. I am a certified Prevention Project Trainer, an empowering child sex trafficking curriculum for middle/high school students.  

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