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These websites and books are some of my favorite resources that I have either used in my personal life or in my practice conducting special education assessments, developing IEPs, and providing youth counseling services.
I do not receive a commission for any of these links.

Dr. Bruce Perry's
Child Trauma Academy

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Books on Dissociative Disorders and Trauma

These books are excellent!

the body keeps the score.webp

Human Trafficking

Resources regarding Child Trafficking in the U.S. I am a consultant for the Homeland Security Blue Campaign.

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Trauma Informed Social Emotional Books for Youth

The following are some trauma informed toolboxes for youth. 

trauma informed toolbox.webp

International Society of Traumatic Stress

I served as co-chair of the Child Trauma Division of the International Society of Traumatic Stress and recommend visiting their site for a wealth of resources. 

International Society of Traumatic Stress

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links for your journey.

parenting toolbox.webp
little spot book set.webp
zones of regulation.webp
Born for Love.webp
What happened to you.webp
dissociative identity disorder sourcebook.webp
haunted self.webp
patchwork quilt.webp
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National Human Trafficking Hotline
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