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About Me

Culturally Competent. Child Centered.

Children in Classroom

My Background

Hi! I'm Danett Williams and I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist (CA BBS No. 4112) in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the past, I both created and coordinated a day treatment program at an urban elementary school. There, I conducted behavioral assessments and administered individual/group counseling and behavior plans to children with emotional disturbance. I presently enjoy working with those who have unique and varying sets of needs, including learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD. I perform comprehensive assessments, provide counseling, engage in advocacy work, and facilitate workshops regarding child trauma.

I hold a Master's degree in Applied Educational Psychology as well as an Educational Specialist's degree in School Psychology. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education from Loyola University. I work in the public school system with various socioeconomic and racial groups including both affluent and Title I schools, in charter schools, within online academies, and in private practice. 

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

The Neurosequential Network acknowledges that Danett Williams has completed NMT Training Certification through the Phase I level. For more information on NMT Training Certification and the NMT Assessment Process, click here.

Hope in Schools uses principles from the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics. We believe in and practice the 6 Rs for treatment planning and intervention recommendations for the school, home, and community settings of you or your child:

  • Relational (safety)

  • Relevant (Individually developmentally appropriate)

  • Repetitive (patterned)

  • Rewarding (pleasurable)

  • Rhythmic (resonant with neural patterns)

  • Respectful (of the child, family, and culture)

When providing counseling, we aim to be:

1) Present, 2) Attentive, 3) Attuned, and 4) Responsive.

My Focus

My passion is to provide culturally competent attachment-based therapeutic and diagnostic services. I look at the etiology of the whole child by examining and including neurodevelopmental factors, along with gathering a comprehensive family history for any contributing information regarding your child's presenting difficulties. I can also utilize neurosequential information to help discern your child's needs.

I am able to utilize the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics to gather information about you or your child, having gained Phase I Certification from Dr. Bruce Perry's Child Trauma Academy. This provides comprehensive information as well as a brain map to help determine you or your child's current level of functioning in various areas that are normally not investigated, such as relational functioning. Please click here to read more about the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

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