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YouTube Is Reportedly Paying Creators To Promote New Features

A common way for brands to market on TikTok is to partner with influential creators on the platform. You could get them to promote your hashtag challenge, review your products, Duet or Stitch with you, or feature your brand in their content.

YouTube is reportedly paying creators to promote new features


On November 10, 2021, YouTube announced the removal of videos' count for negative user ratings (also known as "dislikes" and "thumbs down"), reportedly to protect creators from online harassment. The dislike count remains solely visible to respective channel owners. This change was first tested with select users in March and again in July.[252][253][254]

TikTok is reportedly working on an option for creators to film much longer videos, of up to three minutes, so we are set to see even more creativity from the platform. There will be many more examples of brands approaching TikTok to reach new audiences, from setting collaborative and creative challenges to utilizing the creative influencers thriving on the platform.

As far as the structure of it, Musk envisions a complex payment processor inside Twitter. He wants users to be able to reward creators directly, buy products without leaving the app, and transfer money to other people. The platform will support fiat transactions primarily, but Musk reportedly wants it built so crypto support could be added later.

So how can you tell if creators really love a product or if they are just getting paid to promote it? One big tip-off that influencers are making money is that the product appears prominently. This could be in the title image of a YouTube video, or if the product, its packaging, or the company logo pops up multiple times in the post.

YouTube introduced its new offering to promote learning: 'Courses' will allow creators to offer viewers multi-session video tutorials for topics and add supplementary learning tools such as PDF files, along with videos.

In March, Facebook said it would start paying some creators to use its live-streaming product, and some publishers have acknowledged being paid by Facebook. But the document reviewed by the Journal is the most comprehensive list so far of participating content providers and their specific financial dealings with Facebook.


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