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Where To Buy Cartier Love Bracelet

To put on the bracelet, the wearer must use the miniature golden screwdriver that comes with their Love Bracelet to secure the two bracelet halves onto their wrist. The two screws are carefully secured on opposite sides of the bracelet. As this is most easily done with the help of a partner, it makes sense that when Love Bracelets first came onto the market they were exclusively sold to couples where the man was to hold onto the screwdriver, like a modern-day Chasity belt. Happily, anyone can buy a Love Bracelet for themselves today.

where to buy cartier love bracelet

You can always use our helpful guide to learn how to spot a fake Cartier Love Bracelet. Of course this is never fool-proof. Your safest best is to buy a Cartier love bracelet from a trusted jewelry reseller instead of comparing countless brand hallmarks, analyzing miniature stamping on bracelets, and carefully reviewing paperwork to see if a bracelet is real.

These authentication tips apply for not only LOVE bracelets, but also for the full Cartier LOVE collection which includes rings, earrings and necklaces. Also a fan of Cartier watches? Here are all the Cartier Tank styles! Cartier fine jewelry and watches make up some of the best long term investments. Not only do Cartier LOVE bracelets fall under investment pieces that hold their value, but buying Cartier for the one you love is the way to go.

Unisex in design, beloved by celebrities, tastemakers, and the fashion-forward, the Cartier Love is a must-have piece of jewelry for many. Plus, instead of just wearing one, there are those who love collecting different Cartier Love bangles so that they can wear a whole stack of them on one wrist for the ultimate style statement. And let us not forget that the Love bangle looks great worn with a luxury watch too. Cartier does make other jewelry styles within the Love collection, including rings, earrings, and necklaces, but it is the bracelets that are the most popular by far.

Additionally, remember to feel its weight and evaluate the overall quality. Across its entire collection, Cartier only uses the highest quality and most durable of gold and platinum metals. The weight of the bracelet is a dead giveaway of its authenticity. Depending on the size and metal, a Cartier Love Bracelet weighs anywhere between 30 and 38 grams. Fake bracelets are often much lighter than their authentic counterparts. Also, examine areas of discoloration or chipping as they are indicators of an ingenuine piece.

Originally only sold to lovers, the gold Cartier Love bracelet began to make its way onto the wrists of those who epitomized old Hollywood, and into the fashion world decades later. Locked onto icons such as Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra, the bracelet withstood the strands of time. Today, Hollywood is fixated on the bracelet. Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Eva Mendes wear them today, and an altruistic version of the bracelet launched, in which Cartier donated the proceeds to charities.

From the brand's most iconic collections, shop our beautiful range of pre-loved Cartier Bangles & Bracelets now.Cartier's Love bracelets represent love and union between two people, and 50 years on are still as popular as ever. Further to the success of the Love screw bracelet, Cartier released the Juste Un Clou bracelet two years later in 1971. Translated to Just a Nail, this collection takes inspiration from everyday objects and art. The Trinity bracelet is another popular model from Cartier. It is made up of three rings in yellow, grey and pink gold, inspired by pieces of Art Deco graphic art. Cartier also has a collection dedicated to the wild and elegant panther, including a yellow or grey gold bracelet with diamonds and emeralds.

Whether it's a diamond promise ring from Tyga, or an unreleased handbag from Versace, Kylie Jenner loves receiving extravagant gifts. As it turns out, she's just as good at giving them, too. Thursday, she celebrated her best friend Jordyn Woods's birthday by gifting her the one piece of jewelry every It girl wants. And Kylie unveiled it in the best way. She arranged for the small jewelry box to be wrapped inside larger boxes, and filmed Jordyn unwrapping them all. The anticipation mounted until finally, Jordyn arrived at her gift: a Cartier Love bracelet.

Today, when you purchase a bracelet, you can rest assured that they are either solid gold, solid white gold, or solid rose gold. However, when they were first revealed, these bracelets were only gold plated and were silver underneath. That quickly changed though, and Cartier delivered the iconic solid gold accessory celebs love. The diamond-studded bracelet design arrived on the market in 1979.

Perhaps what makes the Love Bracelet by Cartier an epitome of love is because its mechanisms all point to being committed. Just take a look at its two rigid arcs that are screwed together in order to have a functioning bracelet. Just like the arcs, it takes two in order to be in a relationship. 041b061a72


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