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Buy Vigas Albuquerque

Wholesale Timber & Viga produces vigas of all diameters and lengths. Our ponderosa pine vigas are hand-selected for straightness, then run through a machine peeler to remove the taper then hand drawknifed. We also produce dead-standing spruce vigas. Our spruce can be hand-peeled or left with the natural grey patina.

buy vigas albuquerque

Fiberspan Concrete Vigas capture the beauty of wood in a durable fiber reinforced cement composite that replaces those old decaying wood vigas. Rotting wood vigas can allow moisture to get into your walls which can damage stucco, drywall, insulation and electrical wiring causing costly repairs. Also, termite infested wood vigas can fall causing possible injury and damage to personal property.

Replace those wood vigas with Fiberspan Concrete Faux Vigas. Fiberspan is the highest quality, most realistic and durable answer to decaying wood vigas. Our Fiberspan faux vigas are made from a variety of molds created over real wood vigas, perfectly capturing the details and characteristics of the wood grain and knots. Our gentle color variations of pine and dark brown capture the beauty of wood giving each viga a subtle unique appearance.

Custom made to replace those cracked, decaying and hazardous wood vigas. Made to install easily over an existing lag bolt or threaded rod. Capture the beauty of wood in a durable fiber reinforced cement composite. Just as in traditional wood vigas, each Fiberspan Concrete Viga is subtly unique in appearance.

Standard flange is often the best option for new construction and for certain wood viga replacements. The diagram shows the standard flange installation method for new construction. After old wood vigas are removed the standard flange covers and attaches over the wall allowing easy installation and stucco repair.

Come and explore a town where the buildings are formed out of the earth itself, sculpted of mud brick (adobe) with roofs suspended by large beams of sugar pine (vigas). Where seeds from distinct crops grew into a culinary tradition stretching back half a millennia and artisanal traditions passed down by generations skillfully creating pottery, jewelry, and rugs with bygone methods. With a truly unique culture that has influenced art, language, and wars the world over, Old Town Albuquerque is truly the Heart of the Southwest.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Oswaldo Vigas Foundation, and to usher in the opening of this powerful new exhibition," adds Lippman.The new Oswaldo Vigas catalogue raisonné may be viewed online at The catalogue was researched by the Oswaldo Vigas Foundation with the support of Axel Stein, the former head of the Latin American Art Department of Sotheby's.The first online catalogue raisonné of any Venezuelan artist, this valuable resource will allow scholars, curators, collectors, and the public to access information about the artist. The catalogue includes over 3,000 paintings, gallery and museum history, and publications detailing Oswaldo Vigas' trajectory.The catalogue provides a clear understanding about Vigas's first works regarding his vision of the Americas, and his period spent in Paris which resulted in his famous Central University of Venezuela (UCV) murals (now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site), and the numerous works he created before his death in Venezuela 2014.

Nestled in an original, historic home designed by the father of Santa Fe style, John Gaw Meem, the Hacienda Spa is an intimate space that encourages a sensory spa experience. From the punched tin chandeliers and massive vigas of the lobby to the glistening fountain tiles of the courtyard, special details can be discovered around every corner. 041b061a72


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