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Reactive Attachment Disorder in Youth

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Pair Of Kings - Season 3

Pair of Kings is an American television sitcom that premiered on the Disney XD cable channel on September 10, 2010. This list of episodes is organized by premiere date in the US. The series revolves around a pair of hapless Chicagoan teens (Mitchel Musso, Doc Shaw) who are the heirs to the throne of a fictitious Pacific island called Kinkow. In the third and final season one of the brothers leaves the show (Mitchel Musso) replaced by Boz (Adam Hicks), a long lost brother of the original two, that was raised by monkeys.

Pair of Kings - Season 3

Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw) are twin teenagers living in Chicago with their aunt Nancy and uncle Bill, as their parents are deceased. Brady and Boomer are unaware that they are destined to become the next kings of an island nation known as Kinkow. After they are bullied by the toughest guys in their high school, Mason (Geno Segers) and a group of warriors from Kinkow come to bring them home. Brady and Boomer break the island's sacred ruby, causing Kinkow's volcano to erupt. Their cousin Lanny (Ryan Ochoa) tricks them into going to get another sacred ruby so they would die on the dark side of Kinkow, allowing him to become king. While they are on the dark side, Brady and Boomer are caught by a tribe called the Tarantula People, but they are protected by the bat medallion that the Tarantula People obey. Brady and Boomer obtain the sister ruby and save the kingdom. However, the chain that controlled the Tarantula People falls off Brady's neck.

The two kings find five beautiful mermaids on the beach and bring them to the castle to turn them into human princesses of the castle. Things go bad when the mermaids were actually seducing the kings to take over the castle, and they also turn Mikayla into a mermaid and cause her to talk in dolphin chirps. Meanwhile, Lanny falls in love with Amazonia, one of the mermaids, who also responds to Lanny. They successfully turn all the mermaids back to normal, much to the sadness of Lanny. Late at night, Lanny calls out to Amazonia from outside the castle, much to the chagrin of Aerosol who wants him to stop. Amazonia says, "I don't want him to stop!"

Brady and Boomer find a cute creature in the jungle and decide to keep it as a pet, despite Mason's warnings. Lanny calls him a "Giant Armpit". It starts off well, but gets worse when they start neglecting it and turns into a large beast, kidnapping the kings in the process. Meanwhile, Lanny hypnotises the talentless court jester to kill the kings, but his plan fails.

Despite being kings, Brady and Boomer are still required to attend school on Kinkow, but they are reluctant to do so. Brady gets jealous when Mikayla starts hanging out with her school friend Tristan, who is into extreme sports and has survived animal attacks. To impress her, Brady joins school and tries to do extreme sports. Brady is upset that Mikayla and Tristan sit together at the school's "jaguar table," while he and Boomer must sit with young children at the "meerkat table." Boomer becomes attached with the children.

The mummy is revived with help from the bat medallion. The mummy causes mayhem and starts hunting Brady and Boomer. The kings try to get the bat medallion back and put the mummy to sleep before Mikayla and Mason find out about the situation.

Brady and Boomer's uncle Bill and aunt Nancy come to visit Kinkow when they think that the island is too dangerous and they must bring the kings home. Before their arrival, Brady gets bitten by a Waka Waka bug, resulting in various side effects that will occur in a chronological order: enlarged ear, bug eyes, amnesia, and limp limbs, before ending with his head transforming into a pumpkin. Brady and Boomer are unsuccessful in getting Brady bitten again, which will reverse the effects. In the process, the boys accidentally topple over rocks that rest upon a burial ground for Tarantula People. The boys later attempt to prove to Bill and Nancy that the island is safe, while hiding Brady's various side effects from them. Tarantula People invade the castle and declare war over their disturbed burial ground, and a Waka Waka bug subsequently invades the castle, before being thrown out by Boomer. Brady, now with a pumpkinhead, scares off the Tarantula People, and Bill and Nancy are convinced that the boys will be fine living with Mason and Mikayla. Brady is later cured.

The kings are told that they have to try to win a competition when they attempt to arrange a treaty with the adversary island of Cornea; the winner receives the reward of a princess, but Brady and Boomer discover she is not a typical princess as she and her father each have three eyes. Meanwhile, Mason hopes for the treaty to succeed so he can receive a bottle of special sauce from Cornea.

After learning their father was the best warrior in island history, Boomer and Brady enroll in Kinkow Fight School. When Mason gives the kings special treatment, jealousy overcomes Mikayla. Taking Lanny's advice, she decides to test the kings' newfound confidence and skills by pitting them against Atog the Giant. When Mason finds out, Mikayla tries to get the kings to back down, but it is too late as the kings are eager to prove their inner warrior.

It is the kings' birthday and for their royal present, they each get one wish that will come true. Right before blowing out the candles, Boomer learns that Brady has been bragging to the entire island that he is the older twin. Boomer uses his wish to find out the truth about who was born first, while Brady's wish is that Mikayla cannot stop complimenting him for one day. Boomer travels to the center of Mt. Spew to meet with the volcano's Oracle and learn who is the older king, but the younger brother will no longer be co-king if it is known who the older brother is. Brady, Mikayla, and Mason chase after Boomer, while Lanny follows them, trying to kill the kings. Trivia: This is a possible reference to The Ghost of Slumber Mountain.

While trying to prove that they are the Kings of Legend, Brady and Boomer accidentally bring Zadoc, an ancient evil statue, to life, consequently putting the entire island in extreme danger, which brings Mason to believe that he was wrong about them being the Kings of Legend. The twins cede the throne to Lanny for the better of Kinkow and depart on a balloon voyage back to Chicago for good, until Zadoc fires a magical orb at the balloon and sends it and the kings plummeting straight to the dark side of the island. The kings realize they have made a big mistake.

The kings discover Mason and Mikayla have been running the country's daily operations from their secret underground headquarters. Outraged, the kings insist on making all future decisions, including taking the lead on an important peace meeting with the Squonks, a breed of troll people who keep the island's Mukarat population under control. But when the kings offend the Squonks, the island is quickly overrun with Mukarats. In order to make things right, Boomer and Brady must endure a forgiveness feast with the Squonk Queen.

When the kings' over-the-top spending causes a monetary crisis on Kinkow, Lanny has the islanders pay mandatory donations to the kings. Buying time until they find a better solution to fix the crisis, Brady and Boomer disguise themselves as bandits Sirocco and Sirocco Taco, stealing the kingdom's donations and returning the money to the public. Sirocco becomes an instant hit with the Kinkowians and especially Mikayla. She begins to fall in love with Sirocco but does not realize it is Brady. With criminals on the loose, the Kinkowians start to get angry and the kings must find a way to restore the island's fortune, capture the "criminals" and win back their kingdom's support.

Boomer and Brady are flattered when a pair of cute queens from the neighboring island of Sununu compliment their latest ridiculous invention and ask them to be the Kings of Sununu. However, the Kings soon realize that Queen Hesta, Queen Desta and their kingdom are victims of a dumb-curse. In order to help cure the entire island of stupidity, Boomer and Brady must solve the Sununu Statue's riddle. When Brady gets the riddle wrong so the girls could still admire him and Boomer, the Statue puts the dumb-curse on King Brady, forcing Boomer to get help from Mason, Mikayla, and Lanny to solve the riddle by sunset or else they will be dumb-cursed.

It is Mikayla's birthday and Mason's brother Jason visits, but Mason is not so welcoming due to an incident when they were children. When the kings make Jason head guard, Mason quits and drowns his sorrows in eating. But when the Tarantula people try to roast Boomer alive, Jason cowardly runs off and it is up to Brady to convince Mason and his bloated self to come back and save Boomer. When Mason arrives, he and King Brady are captured by tarantula people. Then Jason's water scooter falls on two Tarantula People, and Jason falls on the other two, saving everyone.

When Mikayla's watchful eye keeps Brady and Boomer from getting into mischief and unknowingly thwarting Lanny's plots, Brady and Boomer host an island-wide search to find Mikayla a friend to keep her busy. The kings soon regret the set-up when her new friend's "beauty over safety" mantra puts all of their lives in danger.

Boomer and Brady find an ancient pocket watch that grants them the ability to restart the day as many times as they want without anyone else remembering. Boomer uses the watch to plan a retaliation prank against Mason, while Brady perfects his date with Mikayla. But when the group gets captured by the Tarantula People and the watch goes missing, the kings start to panic and hope they can do-over the day one last time to save themselves. Trivia: The episode is not a reference to Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan city.

When Mikayla's ex-boyfriend Lucas (a pirate who broke her heart) refuses to participate in the official Kinkowian Dumping Ritual, the kings track him down and discover that Lucas looks just like Boomer. To help out his quest to finally date Mikayla, Brady makes Boomer impersonate Lucas and pretend to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when the real Lucas arrives and captures Mikayla. Brady and Boomer go aboard Lucas' pirate ship to save Mikayla. 041b061a72


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