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Defeater Empty Days And Sleepless Nights 2011

Defeater Empty Days and Sleepless Nights 2011

Defeater is an American melodic hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, known for their concept albums that tell stories of different characters in a fictional world. Their second studio album, Empty Days and Sleepless Nights, was released on March 8, 2011, through Bridge Nine Records. It was recorded at guitarist Jay Maas' Getaway Recording Studios in Wakefield, Massachusetts.


The album is split into two parts; the first, Empty Days, showcases the band's usual melodic/post-hardcore style, while the second, Sleepless Nights consists of four acoustic tracks. Like Defeater's other records, it is a concept album, following the story of a different character from the plot outline first presented in Travels. The album received positive reviews from critics, who praised the band's musical and lyrical creativity, as well as the emotional impact of the story.

Concept and Story

The album follows the story of a man who is the older brother of the protagonist from Travels. He is a carpenter who works hard to support his family, but struggles with alcoholism and domestic violence. He is also haunted by the memories of his father, who died in World War II, and his younger brother, who ran away from home after killing their abusive mother. The story is told in reverse chronological order, starting with his death and ending with his childhood.

The first part of the album, Empty Days, depicts the last days of his life, as he tries to cope with his guilt and pain. He gets into a fight with his wife, who leaves him and takes their daughter with her. He then goes to a bar and drinks until he passes out. He wakes up in his car and drives home, only to find his house on fire. He rushes inside to save his family, but it is too late. He dies in the flames, along with his wife and daughter.

The second part of the album, Sleepless Nights, reveals the backstory of his life, as he reflects on his past in his dying moments. He remembers how he met his wife and fell in love with her. He recalls how he tried to be a good father to his daughter, despite his flaws. He also remembers how he lost his father and brother, and how he blamed himself for their deaths. He finally realizes that he wasted his life on anger and regret, and wishes he could have done things differently.

Track Listing





"Warm Blood Rush"



"Dear Father"



"Waves Crash, Clouds Roll"



"Empty Glass"



"No Kind of Home"


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