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__HOT__ Download Morphoder Synth Vocoder Plugin 40

FBVC is a free vocoder VST plugin based on the vintage Korg VC-10 analog vocoder. It emulates both the sound character and the signal chain of the original Korg VC-10 hardware while introducing a few modern features. Much like TAL-Vocoder, the FBVC plugin is excellent at delivering the classic vocoder sounds.

Download Morphoder Synth Vocoder Plugin 40


My favorite software vocoder, hands down, would be the Softube Vocoder. It offers a rich and full sound, without being too harsh. It is also incredibly malleable, giving many options to remodel the signal. This is especially important with vocoders because dialing in the precise settings will make the effect sit in the mix way better with far less work. UAD and Softube are both companies known for their extreme attention to having accurate sounding emulations, and this plugin is no exception. As with all UAD software, this plugin requires having UA hardware to run, but this little guy is well worth it.

Price: $149 Plugin Type: Digital Effect Quality / Design: Sporting a fun and simple interface, this plugin has a bunch of goodies bundled in that makes it way more than just a vocoder.

I have always been a big iZotope fan, but Vocalsynth 1 fell short of my expectations. They redeemed themselves with the release of iZotope Vocalsynth 2, garnering support from pop producer Ian Kirkpatrick (Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears), and offering a completely redesigned and revamped plugin. If the price tag scares you, this monster can be picked up rent-to-own from for a mere $9.99/month, making it way more approachable for the home-studio producer.

Price: Stock with Ableton Plugin Type: Digital Effect Quality / Design: All of Ableton's plugins showcase an unassuming interface, but this vocoder is anything but dull.

Built from Native Instruments' Reaktor platform, Razor's built-in vocoder makes it extremely versatile. Having the unit packaged into an entire synth allows you to produce radically different sounds compared to other vocoders. This is not a standard vocoder, but you can make some incredible ambiances and unique sounds with it.

Vocoders are an incredible tool to have in your creative kit. If you're truly passionate about the process, a hardware vocoder can easily be an additional source of inspiration. A great piece to look at is the Korg microKORG XL+ Synthesizer. While at $550, this is a much more expensive option than software. But compared to other hardware synths and outboard gear, the micoKORG is quite affordable.

Antares Articulator is a talkbox plug-in lets you apply vocal modulation to another track to create vocal morphing sounds and vocoder effects. Like a guitar talk box plug-in it allows you to create talking guitars and synthesizers.

Early hardware channel-vocoders were analogue devices using between 10 and 24 band-pass filters with extremely steep slopes (typically between 60dB/octave and 96dB/octave, compared with the 12dB/octave or 24dB/octave employed in most synthesizer filters). To achieve this steepness, extremely low-tolerance components need to be used, which is the main reason why analogue vocoders tended to be so expensive, and why they often sounded different from each other.

Fortunately, there are now quite a few vocoder plug-ins available, ranging from simple freeware to complex commercial products and employing a variety of design approaches. Some developers simulate traditional analogue designs, such as Prosoniq with their 24-band Orange Vocoder plug-in, 'for a warm and transparent sound', although it nevertheless incorporates an 8-voice digital synth with on-screen keyboard as one carrier option. Waves use a similar 8-voice synth in Morphoder, and this plug-in also features formant-shifting technology, so you can change the character of your voice and simulate guitar Talkbox effects (where the sound is directed into the performer's mouth, so that it can be articulated).

Whereas channel vocoders deal with amplitude information, various other developers use phase vocoder algorithms that split the incoming signal into many more bands (typically 512 or more) and analyse both amplitude and phase information for each band, so they can use the phase information from one channel and apply to it the spectral envelope from the other channel. Examples can be found in Propellerheads' Reason (up to 512 bands) and NI's Vokator (1024 bands). Vokator is also unusual in that it incorporates a sampler with granular synthesis features as well as the more normal integrated synth, and even supplies a set of spectral effects for each channel, like those of Spektral Delay (see next section). Although this versatility can be daunting to the newcomer, Vokator is capable of a huge range of treatments.

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Morphoder gives you ultimate control over the modulation with MIDI capabilities, phase EQ, and formant control. If you are at all interested in including the unique sound of the vocoder into your mix, you are going to want to have this plugin in your collection.

OVox is a vocal synth plugin with a difference. You can take any voice over and instantly make it sound like a computer, robot, fairy, demon, synth and more! You can replicate the sound of tunes like California Love, T-Pain vocals and pretty much any Daft Punk track. Turn your voice recordings into awesome singing robots and more. The best thing about Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugin is that it comes stacked with a bunch of awesome presets. This means no playing around with the settings for hours just swipe through the presets until you get the vocal sound you desire.


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