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Crack Ielts In A Flash Writing Task 2 Test

Many students who wish to study in the majority of English-speaking nations need to pass the IELTS exam. Examiners grade test takers on the four core skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading in an IELTS exam. Each activity has a maximum score of 9 bands that a test taker can get.

Crack Ielts In A Flash Writing Task 2 Test

Hey liz! I only had a week to prepare for my IELTS test. I am so glad that someone referred me to this site. I managed to secure an overall score 8 (I would have easliy score 8.5 if it wasnt for mismanaging the time in writing section). I came back here just to say thank you to both Liz for great overall content and to Manal Khan for these amazing tips on reading. Tip #4 was a real life saver as it helped save a lot time in the reading section and you would be surprised to k ow how effectively it works. I got a score of 8.5 in reading for which I owe a lot to this review. Thank you all for providing such a great platform and keep up the good work.

is it true about the reading module, when they are giving questions like match the following for paragraph,some are saying to read first 2 lines or last line of the para u can get answers but in practise i am not getting the answers by followinig that proces as the answers are locating middle of the para so i am totaly confused. did u have more efficent tips that how to crack reading modules for true or flash and paragraph matching if u have please share some efficent tips to me so i can get use of it and get some good score

Worried about the ielts reading test I wrote on 13 February in harare. Not sure if it required 1 word only, not than 2, or not more than 3 words. It was a diagram and u had to do gap filling..anyone who wrote on this day please help me with the instructions for that particular diagram.


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