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Escort Student Bdsm

This is the sixth instalment of an 18-year-old music student's, Clare's, sexual journey. In the first instalment, she was hired by the husband and wife team of escort agency owners who discover during some sexual high jinx she is still a virgin. In the second, she sets out in a limo to her first appointment with her new escort name, "Celeste", to a man who has outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In the third instalment, she loses her cherry to an experienced client. The fourth instalment found the young lass fucked by a client known as the "High Hippie" on the altar of the Earth Goddess at an orgy at midnight of Summer Solstice in Central Park. The fifth had Clare fulfilling a crush she had with her ex-music teacher who was visiting New York. She lured him to her room, slowly stripped and made him an "offer he could not refuse". This installment has her meeting a client who has paid a big bonus to be the first to remove the pubic hair from her never shaven pussy.

escort student bdsm

Fran, the lady who ran the escort agency, had called Clare to inform her about the next assignment. This one was going to be very lucrative because the client had outbid several others to have the honor of removing all of Clare's pubic hair which had never been trimmed or cut before in her young life. Of course, this came with a full evening of sexual favors. Clare did not mind losing her pubes. In fact, she wanted to shave it off herself; since talking with other girls, she found they all had bald pussies. It was the big city way. Thank goodness Fran had told her not to shave it herself.

The client was a woman celebrity named Dani, who had just won the Woman's Light Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World. Hearing it was a woman made Clare pause for a moment but then she remembered two recent horny interludes with a woman's hot tongue on her very satisfied pussy. She did not think she was a lesbian. When she masturbated she always fantasized about men but an occasional female fling would be nice. Fran had told her that this client had used her escort service several times and could be trusted. She did however say that girls that had been with the client had been a little shaken up by the experience but nothing major. Clare was a bit worried about the "shaken up" phrase; but the money was so good and this made her throw caution to the wind.

The music student had not expected this big a crowd. 'How will she ever find Dani? 'she thought as she stood there with a puzzled look on her pretty face. Fortunately, a tall heavy set woman with jeans and a plaid workman's shirt looked over at her, broke into a big smile of recognition, and rushed over with open arms. "Thank goodness, this must be Dani!" Clare felt relieved

She had used Clare's escort name; Celeste. The music student escort turned to follow her, knowing certainly that this was her client; who was starting to lead her though the mass of people. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed her shoulder from behind and spun her back around. It was the first lady again being very persistent.

'She is talking about Fran at Midnight Magic Escort's. So she is telling me they are escorts too.' This thought ran through Celeste's head and it did make her feel a lot better to know she was surrounded by colleagues. She could feel Dani's hand slipping under her short skirt and resting on her thong covered girlie parts. "This woman does not waste any time." Again she thought to herself. Dani roared again,

Celeste looked down at the other two escorts for support but they just looked down and turned their eyes away. "Definitely NO support there." she thought "Ah well, I guess it is just women that are seeing my girlie bits." But she had a strange feeling that the lesbians leering with hungry sex-crazed eyes were not the same as the girls in the high school showers after gym in New Hampshire. So she just stood and waited for Dani's instructions as more onlookers turned to watch. Dani began running her fingers through the light brown pubic hair.

Dani shouted with glee as she pushed a fruity martini to Celeste. After she took a big gulp, Dani leaned over and planted a wet open-mouth kiss squarely on her lips with a probing tongue while roughly grabbing the music student's breast through her blouse and rolling her nipple a bit too firmly between a thumb and forefinger. Celeste's eyes began to water again from the pain but she held it in and said nothing. Dani turned to Chica.

Rosie did as ordered and Willie lay back in her chair with her legs spread with a dreamy look in her eyes as her escort groped her hand deeply within the crotch of her jeans through the open zipper. Celeste squirmed on Dani's lap as the scene made her pussy moisten and she could feel a surge of blood engorging her womanly parts. She could not understand why the primitive, erotic part of her brain was so turned on by this type of punishment but her body's reaction made denial impossible.

She reached her right arm over Dani's head and lay it on her muscled shoulders and nestled into the boxer's body in surrender with her own head lying beside Dani's and her hot breath in Dani's ear. Dani understood immediately that this signalled the music student's giving of herself to the champion. She smiled knowingly and slipped her hard calloused hand up Celeste's thigh. This sent a thrill of anticipation through the teen and she happily spread her legs to give full access to her new master. Celeste was vaguely aware of the people around her as her brain was clouded with lust and her body seemed to have a will of its own to gallop towards a brazen erotic unknown destination.

She said while throwing a handful of hundred dollar bills on the table. Dani pushed confidently through the crowd as she pulled the trotting music student behind her towards the exit. The thoughts of the lesbians watching this; were split between those that were thinking "Lucky girlie" and those that were thinking "Lucky butch". But everyone knew that with the lustful look in the eyes of Dani and the obedience of the girl in the sexy school-girl outfit following, there was going to be some epic fucking going down soon.

Celeste's eyes popped open in surprise when she felt what seemed like a hard, erect giant penis grinding into her womanhood. The music student was very confused. Then the clinch was broken suddenly and they silently marched another block to the door under the fading sign "Vinny's Gym Home of Champions"

Dani found the bag of stuff she had been looking for and went to the small kitchen to do something. A few minutes later she came out and boldly pulled Celeste to her and kissed her violently. She grabbed the teen's ass-cheek with her left hand and massaged it deeply through her pleated skirt. The Champ kept her hand on Celeste's bottom but stepped a bit back and looked hungrily down at the student's breasts that were pushed up seductively by a white lace too-small bra that was mostly hidden by the silken white material of her blouse.

Deep animal sounds were coming from Dani's throat as she clumsily unbuttoned the top four buttons exposing the feminine lacy white cups. She quickly dipped her hand into the bra and her large hand covered the bare skin of the girl's tit and massaged it deeply. Dani could feel the nipple harden as the girl moaned in pleasure. She was surprised when the music student grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lips to hers and their tongues danced in frenzy.

Dani was watching this sensual strip show from the kitchen window as she stirred the pot of melting wax for the Brazilian hair removal. She could see the girl hesitate before unbuttoning the waistband of her skirt and slowly lower it, revealing a perfect, firm set of buttocks. Dani wanted to see the front of the girl so she coughed loudly and sure enough the girl turned and faced the kitchen. One arm was shyly covering her breasts and her other hand was concealing her pussy. Their eyes met and the music student instinctively knew that she should reveal herself and slowly, in surrender, she dropped her hands to her sides to show the full glory of her classic nude beauty.

Celeste quickly jumped up and lay on her back in waiting with her hands folded over her stomach. From this side angle, Dani could see the light brown bush at the student's crotch stick up about two inches. Dani soon came over to the massage table with the pot of melted wax and cloth strips for the pubic hair removal. She set them on a side table within easy reach and pulled a bench over to the end of the table where Celeste's feet were and then stood on the bench so that her hips were above the edge of the table and she could look down at the glorious erotic vision of the delicate teen below her.

The teen escort quickly brought her heels to her butt and spread her knees as far as she could, exposing herself completely. A shit-ass grin crossed across the Champ's face as she took in the scene below her. The girl's face was blushing crimson and even down her neck and chest. The young thing's girlie parts were now totally revealed. The large cunt lips were on each side of deep red smaller pussy lips that were like petals of a rose surrounding the glistening wet vagina opening. The girl's clit was enlarged with passion and poking out of its sheath. The Champ said in a deep voice,

The fresh teen escort shimmied down to the Champ and began to lick the smooth jet black instrument. It had a head with a rim just like a real penis but it was very large, even larger than Jerome's black cock at the agency. Her small hand could barely encircle the shaft.

The teen complied with a worried look on her face. The Champ's strap-on was just a bit above the student's crotch so she bent her knees a bit and grabbed the instrument and pointed the wet tip to the opening of the girl's vagina. She expertly parted the small red rose petal lips surrounding the opening and lodged the head in the small entrance and pushed a bit forward. 041b061a72


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