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Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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2Pac - We Dont Talk To Police (Ft. Scarface)

[Chorus]We don't talk to police, we don't make a peace bondWe don't trust in the judicial system, we shoot gunsWe rely on the streets, we do battle in the hoodI was born in the G Code, embedded in my blood

2Pac - We Dont Talk to Police (Ft. Scarface)

We don't talk to police, we don't make a peace bondWe ain't trustin in the judicial system, we shoot gunsWe rely on the streets, we do battle in the hood.I was born in the G Code, embedded in my blood

[Scarface]See I be on some street shit, don't talk to policeI won't accept a visit from agents who wanna seeif I got shit to say about a nigga caseI'm a motherfuckin' nigga through and through, I ain't gayKnow a nigga caught a case and he took his 25Sat it out on appeal, and gave him back that timeA soldier in his mind and his actions said the sameTold a cracker tell your mammy suck his dick and see Rick JamesAin't no motherfuckin' game, we been livin' this for realWhen the government is workin', real niggas never squealRight here the truth revealed, Troy you a mouseYeah you rappin' but the homey Lil' Pots can't get outNiggaz they hit the pen, they get charged, then get outOn a rule, 35, he a bought it for the copsYou can hear it in his voice, I done listened to the tapesNow you showin' up in court, testifyin' for the state

CARMICHAEL: Now, when I sat down with Killer Mike in Atlanta, where we both grew up, it was six months before the George Floyd protests popped off. We had a whole different kind of conversation about police. Digging into our first big question, how gangsta rap became so dominant back in the day, we talked about what changed and what hip-hop was responding to at the time. And one of those things was the way Black and brown folk were being policed.

OSORIO: You know, this was also around the time there were a lot of theories about the hip-hop police and the fact that the feds were targeting hip-hop. Like, don't think that the feds weren't calling me. They were. I wouldn't talk to them, but...

OSORIO: We just want to talk. You have time? Who am I - see, I'm a little bit different just because I - you know, by the time I got to The Source, I had already went to law school, so I had a little bit of perspective and knowledge about what my rights were. But, you know, those cold calls that came in where people were trying to ask - I'm not - who is this? I'm not having this conversation. That happened more than once. So I looked at that, and I looked at the system differently - what's happening, you know, to our Black and brown people. You can't call me at The Source and ask me no questions. Do you have probable cause for this phone call? Goodbye. (Laughter) We don't talk to the police.

GETO BOYS: (Rapping) We don't talk to police. We don't make a peace bond. We don't trust in the judicial system. We shoot guns. We rely on the streets. We do battle in the hood. I was born in the G code, embedded in my blood. We don't talk to police. We don't make a peace bond.

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What do you get from boosting?niggas coming out from california to represent them niggas from HoustonAnd now we rocking keep this shit poppingand all my niggas across the bay know L.A. keep the shit hotI keep my glock inside my pants , dont give niggas a chanceto put me inside a casket you dirty bastardsUntil the day I die you catch a nigga high off weed the police can't find meMy shit will drop and I'll sell five millionwhile all the niggas enter the game get caught up in drug dealingHow can I fall? how can I ball, how can I catch my enemies and murder them all?My word of flame burn niggas inside thier brainniggas can't hang with me, and like it changes, uhScarface got me on this shitwe laced it motherfuckers in thier body and face, uhGrowing thicker, liquor made me daddy and nigganiggas don't wanna see me world wide mob figureM.O.B. and the leaf keep me weededthem niggas don't wanna see me when i got weed in my systemCatch another victim, capture bodiesbring a shottie to the fucking party, yeahI party all nightI do this shit cause its wrong but we were born rightAnd to the niggas in my zone we do it long ways'till these bitches understand nigga my song pay; cause I'm the manNow these are my homeboys, we outlaws till the day we die keep this shit rough and raw my 45Make sure that I survive to another day to bust rhymes which from I get paid Now that's the end of my freestyle but it was left for deadbut the shit away you can hear it playing, westside 041b061a72


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