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The Witcher 4 ((HOT))

Where the Lynx does appear though is in fanfic, posted to an unofficial Witcher Wiki (opens in new tab). What the writer posits is that sorceress Keira Metz and witcher Lambert, set up the School of the Lynx after the events of the Battle of Kaer Morhen. They turn the caravan of the Cat School into the new School of the Lynx, and a new Witcher training school.

The Witcher 4

So far, the initial teaser image for the next Witcher game is the biggest hint we have to work with. It's a witcher medallion, like the pendant from the Wolf School of witchers that Geralt wears, but this one is of a lynx.

There's certainly a chance. Based on which Witcher 3 ending you chose, there are definite possibilities to continue Ciri's story. In what's considered the best ending for the game, Ciri and Geralt spend time together on the witcher path after Geralt gifts her a silver sword of her own.

By 1290, the school was fully operational and producing witchers again. Which had to deal with the infamous legacy of their predecessors, which led their leader, Lambert, to organise a second witchers' tournament to show the other schools that the infamous cats no longer existed and that a new era had begun for them. A new era, in which they weren't the psychopaths of yesteryear.

Lynx School witchers as well as their equipment do not deal a lot of raw damage, but can inflict deadly critical hits. By extension, their gear was designed to maximize flexibility and provide the greatest possible range of motion. Similar to its predecessor, the School of the Cat.

The Witcher games follow an older Geralt, the titular witcher and monster hunting outcast who as a mutant is incapable of having children, but is still looking for his daughter. That's Ciri, who (spoilers for Netflix-only fans) is an adult and a witcher herself by the game's end. With fully voiced, expertly-acted side quests and decisions that resonated throughout a 100+ hour playthrough, The Witcher 3 followed less-than-well received PC-exclusive entries but nevertheless made its foothold in the industry as the next gold standard after Skyrim, selling 20 million copies.

I think playing as an established character or introducing a new and interesting character is the way to go. The Witcher 3 had incredible writing and if the witcher 4 team is on the same level I have no doubt the main character, established or new, will be great. let's be honest, I don't think any new character can compare to Geralt(at least for me). He's by far my favourite video game protagonist.

I do think Ciri being the main character would be the natural progression. I love Ciri. She's got a bit of both Geralt and Yen. I think she could be an amazing protagonist. I don't think being OP is a big issue tbh and I actually think it could be an advantage. Ciri can travel between worlds and that's an incredible opportunity to explore different worlds with different maps as Ciri. New worlds mean new threats and powerful foes. I think people forget how OP geralt was in Witcher 3. Dude beat the shit out of the wild hunt leaders and they're supposed to be very powerful. Regarding the three Ciri endings, now that's where it gets tricky. I think there could be a way around that too but I think this is a wild idea im throwing out there. what if we get a choice at the start to either start as an emperess or as a witcher and go from there? if you start as a witcher you can either end up becoming an empress or stay a witcher and vice versa. like that has endless possibilities.

I played Gwent: rogue mage this summer and it was a great card game, although brief. I enjoyed listening to Alzur's arrogant character a lot and I still play a few matches sometimes. Anything witcher related I'll be there day 1.

isnt no witcher game without geralt of rivia as lead protagonist, i cannot wait to see the more adventures of the white wolf.i will snag the disc day one! thank you cdprojecktredive the witcher on gog and steam, have it on xbox and playstation consoles just muck abouts , the real gaming is on pc my save from the 1st game progression to the 3rd game.

I hope they do not use first person perspective, melee in these games does not work as good as third person (at least for me). In Cyberpunk melee combat is a disaster to say the least. I love the series and hope they decide to do something in the past (comparing with the period of the other games), in the time when witchers were at their peak in activity (more monsters and competition between schools). The Netflix anime movie with Vesemir is great for instance. 041b061a72


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