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The Consultant Season 1 - Episode 2

Regus calls Elaine at 3am and asks her to come in immediately as The Consultant episode 2 begins. She is reluctant and responds by saying she can come in at 8 but Regus cuts the phone. He calls her again and repeats every word he said in the first instance and Elaine is forced into going to the office. She records a video message to tell her whereabouts in case something happens to her. She is also scared and confused about what to make of Regus.

The Consultant Season 1 - Episode 2

We are no closer to the answer to who Regus really is but one thing we know for sure now: he is dangerous. Perhaps he has her hidden down in the store room? We will know in time. This episode gave us another peek into how bloated the employee roll in the office is and how Regus has to make the necessary layoffs to survive. It resembles the current inflationary situation in America and around the globe, where tech companies are forced into trimming the workforce.

Elaine comes across as a determined hustler not willing to part with her morality to get what she wants. She will be crucial in helping Craig learn more about Regus, whose intentions with the company seem sound. Episode 2 was a little slow in picking up the pace from the first episode. Hopefully, the story will take off from here.

The Consultant is an American thriller television series created by Tony Basgallop, based on the novel of the same name by Bentley Little and starring Christoph Waltz as the titular character, with Nat Wolff, Brittany O'Grady, and Aimee Carrero in supporting roles. The series follows the employees of a mobile gaming company whose leadership is taken over by a sinister consultant, played by Waltz.

"Diversity Day" is the second episode of the first season of the American comedy television series The Office. Written by B. J. Novak and directed by Ken Kwapis, it first aired in the United States on March 29, 2005, on NBC. The episode guest-stars Office consulting producer Larry Wilmore as Mr. Brown.

Larry Wilmore, who plays the sensitivity trainer Mr. Brown, is a writer for the show. At the table-read for this episode, they had not cast the part yet and Daniels had Wilmore read for the role to fill in. After the read, producer Greg Daniels thought he was perfect for the role.[2] However, because of stipulations with the Screen Actors Guild, producers still had to have Wilmore formally audition with other actors for the role.[3] Daniels was also not sure where to use Mindy Kaling on-screen in the series until the point came in this episode's script when Michael needed to be slapped by a minority. Her character in this episode, however, is far from the bubbly, chatty character that Kelly later becomes.[4][5]The second episode of the series was the first to feature predominantly original writing, as the pilot episode contained many jokes from the British series pilot.[6] During one of Michael's impersonations, a racial expletive spoken by Michael had to be censored by the producers for NBC. Daniels was terrified that the scene would leak unedited, so he personally oversaw the censoring of the master copy.[7]

The scene during which Pam rests her head on Jim's shoulder after Dwight has stolen his sale and Jim smiles and says "not a bad day after all" came about when Greg Daniels spoke to the writers about wanting to have small, happy interactions between Jim and Pam and mentioned the head-on-shoulder idea, which B. J. Novak immediately wrote into his script. Paul Lieberstein did not want to appear in the episode and did so assuming it would be a one-time event, but Kevin Reilly was impressed by his work and said the show should use him more, leading to the expansion of Paul's work as Toby Flenderson. Two scenes that were cut involved Michael Scott responding to Mr. Brown's "HERO" acronym by creating one that sounded good until everyone noticed the words created the acronym of "INCEST", and Michael responded to Mr. Brown's nixing of that idea by pointing out the links between incest and racism in some states, while another had Jim replacing Dwight's "Asian" headband with "Dwight" and then having the other co-workers complain to a clueless Dwight about how annoying his behavior was.[8]

NBC webcast this episode on March 16, 2005, on MySpace to promote the show's then-upcoming premiere. This was NBC's first-ever online debut of a complete episode of a network series, and also included a trimmed-down webisode version of the episode for on-demand viewing on MySpace the following day.[9] Greg Daniels later noted in an interview with Uproxx that cutting it to the required 12 minutes "was almost impossible" and that he had already "really sweated" during the process of getting the episode down to the 22 minutes for broadcast.[8]

Contrary to the lukewarm response to the pilot, "Diversity Day" earned positive reviews from television critics. Entertainment Weekly gave the episode positive reviews, stating that: "Think of the toss-off racism of the original, plopped into a PC-gone-wrong showcase that might be entitled The Accidental Bigot. As when the African-American diversity trainer introduces himself as Mr. Brown, and Scott assures him, 'I will not call you that.'"[14] Ricky Gervais (the lead in the British series) stated that in comparison to the British version, "[i]t is as good. I love the fact that, apart from the first one, the scripts are all original. You've gone back to the blueprint of what the characters are and you've started from there, as opposed to copying anything."[15] Rolling Stone magazine named the scene wherein Michael shows the office his diversity video the third greatest Moment from The Office. The article particularly praised Michael's line: "Abraham Lincoln once said, 'If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.'"[16]

On August 22, 2021, the channel Comedy Central removed the episode from its reruns of the show. However it remains in rotation on Freeform and is still available to stream on Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service[19]

The Consultant very appropriate revolves around a new consultant, Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz). He is hired to help improve the rather dire financial situation at the App-based gaming company CompWare. Mr. Patoff arrives immediately after the CEO has suffered a brutal death, which is what the series opens with in episode 1.

This new consultant comes with a contract signed by the very recently deceased Mr. Sang and he simply places himself in the CEO office. Immediately, the employees experience new demands and challenges. Most things might seem strange at first, but the outcome tends to be good for business.

The directors on the eight 30-minute episodes in season 1 are Daniel Attias (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels), Charlotte Brändström (The Unlikely Murderer), and Alexis Ostrander (Servant season 1) who all direct two episodes each. Rounding out the season we have two directors doing one episode each with Matt Shakman (the WandaVision mini-series) and Karyn Kusama (Yellowjackets).

At the courthouse, Devalos receives news that Kinetko's trial resulted in a deadlocked jury. He gets angry about the amount of taxpayer money that was spent on the jury consultant. He decides to call Allison. Allison arrives at the DA's office with Marie since it was too late to get her into daycare. Devalos wants her to confirm what she does. He wants to know if she can read minds. He wants her to pick a jury for the Kinetko retrial. Joe and Allison are going to a dinner party with a bunch of scientists. He wants to know how she'll answer when people ask her what she does for a living. She accuses him of being embarrassed by her. At dinner, Kamala is trying to tell about a therapy that she developed with a boy. Alan keeps interrupting her and ends up telling it for her. Allison sees Kamala sleeping and the boy speaking, but not because of the therapy. Joe expresses concern that Allison has gone from thinking things to knowing them as a result of the visions.

She gets angry to trashes the hospital room. Joe calls Allison and tells her that it is after 9. Allison tells Devalos that she disagreed with the jury consultant on several counts and he asks her to go to court tomorrow. She goes home and happily tells Joe that she's going to court the next day. The man from the earlier dream comes home with another girl. He tells her a woman is waiting for her in the house. She goes in and starts to scream.

He hits her with a bat. The jury is chosen and the jury consultant is angry about the results. She quits and Devalos tells Allison Kinteko is going to get the death penalty. The man from the dreams is in a gondola telling Allison that he's going to go to Italy and that she was wrong about Maxine. Kinetko did get the death penalty. When she watches the news, she realizes that Kinetko is not the man from her dreams. Devalos tells her that she's wrong Kinetko is the murderer. Joe wakes up alone in bed.

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These questions could be addressed in a second season. While we wait to see if season 2 is going to happen, this is what we did learn from the season 1 finale of Prime Video's new series, which is based on Bentley Little's 2015 novel of the same name.

In the finale, Craig finally learns the truth after he and Elaine manage to locate Patti's phone. It's not Patti who has it, but Sang's mother who disappeared some episodes back, and she was given the phone by Patoff.

Craig's lies to Patti are no doubt a red flag, even if they weren't compatible. Patoff also explains in the finale that when Patti was in the records room (and seemingly in some sort of trance), she helped Patoff complete his file. "She's seen your weakness, your betrayal, she poured it out on every page in her own words," Patoff says. Could he have done this to ensure Craig never had a shot at Elaine either? If there's a season 2, we'd need to see these characters return to finish what was started. 041b061a72


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