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Might And Magic Clash Of Heroes [XBLA][Arcade][... LINK

Edge gave the DS version nine out of ten, saying, "Even if the DNA of its forebears is barely apparent, such a bold, brilliant transformation certainly involves something a little like magic."[41] GamePro gave the same DS version four stars out of five, saying, "It's becoming increasingly rare for companies to release new and unproven titles that buck convention and focus on changing the current landscape but Clash of Heroes does so remarkably well, making for a unique and satisfying title that feels totally fresh. I recommend it to any RPG gamer looking for a unique take on the established genre; puzzle fans should take a look as well."[42] Later, the same website gave the Xbox 360 version four stars, saying that "honestly, it's the puzzling that makes Clash of Heroes tick. Even without the online multiplayer and superior graphics, I would still recommend this game to RPG and puzzle fans, as not nearly enough people played the original. Here on high-definition consoles, it's cheap and accessible, meaning that it demands a look. If you missed out on the original, consider this a second chance. Go and take it."[43] GameZone gave the same console version a similar score of eight out of ten, saying, "For those who prefer strategy and planning over the random elements of a game like Puzzle Quest, Clash of Heroes may be the deviously clever, deliberately paced game you've been looking for. It can be a bit rough around the edges, but it's also the smartest and most rewarding puzzle-RPG you're likely to play."[44] TouchArcade, however, gave the iOS version three stars out of five, saying, "If you have a recent iPad or an iPad mini, it's probably worth playing on iOS, though you might want to hold out for a few bug fixes. With those in hand, this could easily be one of the best puzzle strategy games on the platform. Without them, it's simply not."[45]

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes [XBLA][Arcade][...

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