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Buy Recumbent Bike

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) has been producing three wheel adult recumbent trikes / tricycles in Falmouth, England since 1999 but it can trace its history back to the original Trice first produced in 1986. This hard earned experience coupled with the sheer pleasure of developing our unique recumbents drives us on to continually refine our trike designs and hone the comfort and performance of each machine.

buy recumbent bike

The BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent is a durable exercise bike designed for commercial and light commercial settings. Its parts are protected for either three years or five years, depending on where the bike is used. Labor is covered for the first two years.

What are some of the better options of bikes out there? For light commercial gyms we prefer the Sole LCR, which has more workouts and connects with the Internet. For commercial gyms the Precor 835 recumbent bike looks like a better value; it costs less and offers more than the LK700R.BH Fitness LK700R Recumbent Bike SpecsRating9TypeRecumbentConsole displayClassic LED screenResistance16 Resistance LevelsSeat typeadjustablePrograms12Flywheeln/aWeight capacity350 LBSDimensions63.9" L x 25.4" W x n/a H

A recumbent bike under $200 will have the minimum features. These bikes are usually without the extra frills. You can find an affordable one with extra features like a progress tracker. These are perfect if you have a tight budget.

You might be wondering why recumbent bikes are so expensive. The more expensive ones have more features, although they are sometimes overpriced. You can probably find a cheap recumbent bike with the same features as one that is over $500.

Price The first thing you will want to consider is the price. Recumbent bikes start out higher than upright bikes because they are not yet mass produced at the level of the "WalMart" variety of bikes. Also they have the equivalent of a high end office chair grafted onto the top of them, which adds to the price. The lowest priced ones are about $500. The bikes you will find in this price range are quite serviceable and easy to ride, but are often very heavy. You can get a great recumbent for around $1000, and this is the price range you should be looking in if you will be riding once a week or more. If you are a casual rider, or on a limited budget, you will want to start out with one of the lower priced recumbents. High end recumbent bikes and trikes can be priced up to about $7000. Paying higher prices for a recumbent will buy you things like light weight, space age components, exotic materials, suspension, and more speed. Rider Height and Weight Most recumbent bikes are designed for a specific range a rider heights. If you are shorter you will find that due to the lower seat height, the bikes with a smaller front wheel will be easier to ride. If you are taller you can ride most any style of recumbent. If you are overweight or have circulatory issues in your legs, you will probably want a long wheelbase (LWB) recumbent with a lower bottom bracket. These are generally long wheelbase bikes. If you don't have these issues, or want a sportier feeling bike, you may want a short wheelbase (SWB) recumbent. People with circulatory issues in their arms will find under seat steering (USS) more to their liking. I recommend above seat steering (ASS or OSS) for those who don't have those issues, as it is more aerodynamic. Riding style As with upright bikes, some recumbent bikes are designed with comfort in mind, and some are designed with performance in mind. The higher performance models are not normally less comfortable, but they are usually more expensive. Recumbent bikes priced around $1000 generally have a good tradeoff between price and performance. If you want to go fast, and can ride in areas where excessive traffic is not an issue, a lowracer or quasi-low racer is a good choice. These bikes have the best aerodynamics. If you want to go fast, but will be riding in higher traffic areas, or riding up large hills, the highracer design would be a better choice due to it's more visible position and higher efficiency drivetrain. In general, the higher a bike's bottom bracket (BB), and the more reclined the seat, the more aerodynamic the bike will be (this means you can go faster). The tradeoff is that the bikes with high BBs and laid back seats will require a higher skill level to ride. Recumbent bikes with upright seats and a lower BB, such as compact long wheelbase (CLWB), or long wheelbase (LWB) bikes are quite easy to ride, most novice riders can jump on and ride without issues.Fitness Your fitness level is a major consideration. If you are a casual rider, and are just into tooling around once in a while, I'd suggest a bike under $1000. Most of the bikes around the $1000 mark and below are designed for comfort, and as such, your will be trading off potential speed. If you ride once a week or more, or want a higher performance bike, I'd suggest a bike around the $2000 mark. If you are a casual rider and buy an expensive bike expecting it to make you go fast, you may be comfortable, but disappointed in your speed. If you currently ride a road bike, and purchase a performance oriented recumbent, you should eventually be as fast or faster than on your road bike. Note that it will take a few months to develop your "'bent muscles". Trikes If you don't want to deal with that balancing thing, like to ride on the ice, or just think trikes are cool, there are recumbent trikes available for every task. Generally the tadpole trikes (two wheels in front) are better at cornering, while the delta trikes (two in back) are more stable at high speeds. Trikes come in a huge range of weights and prices. Recumbent trikes are generally slower than recumbent bikes. To help you in your 'bent quest, click here for a web page that will show you bikes with the characteristics that you want. If you need a lower priced recumbent, take a look at the Used Recumbents page. Whichever recumbent you choose, be sure to do the research and take as many test rides as you can. Most recumbent riders will let you take a ride on their bike, don't feel bashful about asking. Many bike dealers will let you take one home to try it out before buying. Post on the Recumbent bulletin boards and ask questions about the models you are considering. Recumbent riders love to give their opinions. Back to Home

Before purchasing a new recumbent trike it is important to consider the different factors that make these types of trikes unique. Consider what your needs and goals are before your purchase: are you looking for speed, comfort, ease in transporting the trike to-and-from trails? Are there medical factors to consider such as back or neck pain, or are you seeking more stability and balance than traditional trikes? There is a type of recumbent trike for you no matter what your needs are.

First things first, to know which kind of recumbent trike is best for you it is important to know the different types of trikes available. Recumbent trikes have a seated-back position, with legs in front of the rider, opposed to the seated-upright position of a traditional bicycle or tricycle. There are two main types of recumbent trikes: Delta and Tadpole.

Delta recumbent trikes have two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front. The front-wheel does the steering for these trikes, which can make them easier to steer around smaller spaces compared to other styles of recumbent trikes. Delta trikes are heavier and have seats higher from the ground than other lighter designs of recumbent trikes, which can make it easier to get in-and-out of.

Though recumbent trikes can go faster, the design also requires less physical exertion due to the leg positioning compared to traditional trikes. This means recumbent trikes can reach greater speeds with less effort from the rider.

Recumbent trike rides can be considered less of a work-out for some because less effort is put into the same speeds and distances, while others consider this a great advantage to trike travel. Depending on your goals with cycling, recumbents can be a great option for accessibility to cycling and for distance riders.

After riding the Force G for several years, I am glad I switched to the Maddiline Pro! The bike has performed beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend the Maddiline bike to anyone looking to improve their performance.

Nothing beats the Sport Rider Recumbent hitch bike rack for fast, simple loading/unloading of bikes. This specialized bike rack can carry two recumbent bikes (Up to 72" wheelbase) using a padded universal top clamp and adjustable wheel holders. Simply drop the bike into the wheel holders, then slide the padded locking frame hook down onto the frame to secure the bike. The Sport Rider Recumbent also includes Velcro wheel straps and folds easily when not in use. Optional locking hitch pin with cable sold separately. Fits both 1-1/4" & 2" hitch receivers. Includes 2 small wheel adapters.

Had to create a rack for my recumbent in the past. Nothing was long enough for the wheel base. This new Hollywood Recumbent rack works great with a long wheel base.. My wife has a regular bike and both fit well on the new rack. Going to use it today for the first time.

We have two Bacchetta bikes (Giro A26 and Giro A20); been looking for a bike rack designed for recumbents and this one is perfect. It was fairly easy to set up (used installation videos on YouTube and instructions simultaneously). Both bikes are stable and secure on the rack. Highly recommend.

This rack is well designed. It assembles easy and comes with the tools needed. The folding actions are logical with clever locking pins to keep it in place. There seems to be no cost cutting on the solid steel construction, even the smaller parts like the pins and bolts feel like military grade components. I carry a Haluzak Horizon SWB and a custom built Ryan LWB, and this rack seems like it was made specifically for me. From stored to bikes loaded and ready to go is less than five minutes. Even less time to mount and dismount the bikes. You can do both in about 20 seconds. I connect the rack to a Land Rover LR4 and I was concerned the wide seats and handle bars of the bikes would hit the back door. Not so. There is plenty of room. When the bikes are removed and the rack is folded up, I still have access to the back of the LR4. When not in use, the bikes are stored by hanging by the rear tires on hooks from the ceiling. The rack hangs the same way using very little space. Hollywood racks website was easy to navigate and place the order. The rack was delivered on time and well packed. When you consider you paid $1500 or better for your recumbent bike, you don't want to skimp on a rack to carry it. This rack is not a low end box store rack, but a beautifully designed tool to safely carry your investment. 041b061a72


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