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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Sade - Your Love Is King (TimAdeeps Cover Mix)

It was an emotional and fun week for me so I wanted to put together a mix that reflected that and connected with your ears as much as it did with your hearts. Lots of great talent on this hour, as well as ground-shaking basses. I think 84 has just become my new favourite number after this...Follow me Tracklist:Djamou Sangare, Pippi Ciez - LuaAndileAndy - VictimsPippi Ciez - Life PathSun-El Musician, Simmy - HigherZakes Bantwini, Kasango - OsamaPippi Ciez - Blue SapphireRodriguez Jr. - KillianKit Luck - 27 TimesMidnight Workouts, UNDERHER - Up to You (Fulltone Remix)Helsloot feat. Boy Wolf - Killing Time

Sade - Your Love Is King (TimAdeeps Cover Mix)

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