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How to Download and Read Chain Letter Christopher Pike Epub 39 on Any Device

Chain Letter Christopher Pike Epub 39: A Review of the Classic Horror Series

If you are a fan of horror fiction, you might have heard of Chain Letter, a series of novels by Christopher Pike. Chain Letter is a thrilling and suspenseful story that follows a group of teenagers who receive mysterious letters from a person who knows their dark secret and forces them to do his bidding. Chain Letter was first published in 1986 and became a bestseller, spawning a sequel called Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil in 1992. In this article, we will review the plot and the characters of both novels, and explain why you should get Chain Letter Christopher Pike Epub 39, a digital edition that contains both books in one file.

Chain Letter Christopher Pike Epub 39


What is Chain Letter?

Chain Letter is a horror novel by Christopher Pike, a pseudonym of Kevin McFadden, an American author who specializes in young adult fiction. Chain Letter tells the story of seven friends who are haunted by a mysterious figure who calls himself "The Caretaker". The Caretaker knows that they were involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed a man in the California desert, and he blackmails them into doing his twisted tasks by sending them chain letters. If they fail to comply or break the chain, he threatens to expose their crime or kill them.

Who is Christopher Pike?

Christopher Pike is one of the most popular and prolific writers of horror fiction for young adults. He has written over 50 novels and several short stories, many of which have been adapted into movies or TV shows. Some of his most famous works include Remember Me, The Last Vampire, Witch World, and Thirst. He is known for his original and imaginative plots, his complex and relatable characters, his fast-paced and gripping style, and his surprising and shocking twists.

Why is Epub 39 important?

Epub is a digital format that allows you to read books on various devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, or e-readers. Epub stands for electronic publication, and it is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different screen sizes and orientations. Epub also supports multimedia elements, such as images, audio, video, or interactive features. Epub 39 is a special edition of Chain Letter Christopher Pike that contains both novels in one file. It is convenient and easy to download and read on any device.

Chain Letter: The Plot and the Characters

The Unthinkable Crime

The story begins with Alison Parker, one of the seven friends who are involved in the hit-and-run accident. She receives a chain letter from The Caretaker, who claims to know what they did and demands that she mail copies of the letter to six other people within 24 hours. If she fails to do so or breaks any of the rules in the letter, he will kill her or expose her secret. Alison is terrified and confused, and she decides to contact her friends to see if they received the same letter. She finds out that they did, and that they are all equally scared and guilty.

The seven friends are Alison, Brenda, Fran, Joan, Neil, Tony, and Chuck. They are all high school students who share a common interest in horror movies. They also share a terrible secret that they have kept for a year. One night, they decided to play a prank on Tony, who was dating Alison at the time. They pretended to kidnap him and take him to the desert, where they planned to scare him with a fake murder. However, things went horribly wrong when they accidentally ran over a man who was walking on the road. They panicked and fled the scene, leaving the man to die. They swore to never speak of it again, but their guilt and fear haunted them ever since.

The Mysterious Caretaker

The Caretaker is the mysterious antagonist of the story, who seems to know everything about the seven friends and their crime. He sends them chain letters that contain instructions for each of them to do something that is related to their personalities or interests. For example, he tells Alison to steal a necklace from a jewelry store, Brenda to seduce a married man, Fran to cheat on a test, Joan to break up with her boyfriend, Neil to vandalize a car, Tony to rob a bank, and Chuck to kill someone. He also warns them not to tell anyone about the letters or try to contact