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Five Nights At Candy's

Five Nights at Candy's is a Point and Click survival horror, It is a fan game of Five Nights at Freddy's. The main premise as the Player is to survive through five nights (If 6th Night and Custom Night may be out) from 12AM to 6AM without getting caught by the animatronics.

Five Nights at Candy's

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Before you, as Mary Schmidt, took the job as night watch for Candy's Burger & Fries, the Phone Guy had worked as security guard changing shifts with another unknown security guard, which he had spoken about during the Night 1 message. After you had came, the Phone Guy stayed as a guide during the nights, informing you about the animatronics, what to do about them via messages, and about the things youuse to defend yourself, as well as incidents around the place.

In the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth games, lights are used to ward off animatronics or warn the player. Lights in the first, second, fifth, seventh, eighth games are activated with buttons on the walls and illuminate the player's blind spots: the doorway or vent exit, respectively.[34] The lights are similar in the fifth game, but are mounted on a control pad and illuminate the animatronics' rooms. The flashlight in the second and ninth games has a finite battery life, but is infinite in the fourth and seventh games, and must be switched on or off.[36] Battery life varies in the eighth game. The flash beacon, introduced in the fifth game, is used to orient the player in the third and fifth nights' pitch-black rooms.[37] The flashlight is also used in the sixth game, but it is automatically turned on when the player looks at the vents and has unlimited power.

Set thirty years after the events of the first game, its main character works at Fazbear's Fright, a horror attraction based on the long-gone Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.[62] The player must defend themselves from the deteriorated animatronic-costume hybrid named Springtrap.[62] Burnt and tattered hallucinations of some of the animatronics from the previous two games appear; and although they cannot kill the player, they can hinder ventilation, sound, and camera systems.[62] Failure to maintain the systems can create many issues for the player, including dysfunctional cameras and the inability to play audio to lure away the animatronic.[62] The player receives guidance from a founder of the horror attraction for the first two nights and listens to old tape recordings which were found by the attraction's workers for the rest of the nights.[62] The game has two endings: a "good" ending and a "bad" ending.[22] The bad ending reveals that the souls of the murdered children still haunt the animatronics.[22] The good ending is reached by completing secret minigames in which animatronic characters bring a cake to what seems to be a sorrowful child's soul.[22] After completing the secret minigames, the souls of the children are freed.[22]

Ultimate Custom Night was originally intended to be a post-launch add-on to Pizzeria Simulator, but was eventually turned into a stand-alone game, releasing on June 27, 2018.[87][88] The customizable night contains a total of fifty animatronics from previous games, which allows the player to determine how aggressive they are during the night (similar to the custom nights in earlier games). The player can select the office to play in and has 16 themed game modes available.[89][90] Although unconfirmed, it has been heavily speculated that the game takes place in some version of Hell or Purgatory, where William Afton, following his death in Pizzeria Simulator, is being continuously tortured by the vengeful spirit of one of his vicitms.

Five Nights at Candy's 2 is centered around a 17 year old girl who loses a bet to friends and has to spend five nights in a factory that houses improved versions of the animatronics from the first game that are all broken and fractured. The girl must

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