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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days [UPDATED]

I like this much better than "The Last Straw". Anyone out there who has read the Wimpy Kid series agree or disagree? So far, my favorite part is Rowley thinking that Greg's family is rich because they ran out of toilet paper and were using Christmas napkins until Dad went to get more TP. This hilariously sharp comic book is written from the perspective of 11 year-old Greg, whose canny jokes and observations have become a series of popular books. Dog Days chronicles Greg's Summer holiday, which he wants to spend playing video games in his room, with the curtains shut and a cover over his head. Greg's mum, however, seems to think that Summer holidays should be spent doing 'useful things' such as running around outside, spending time with one's family and visiting the local pool. Through daily entries the reader follows Greg as he gets into mischief at his friend's luxury poolhouse, managing to offend staff with his helpful recommendations of how to improve service and ends up banned, with a huge smoothie tab to pay off. It seems that the only solution is for Greg to spend his Summer holidays working off the debt. Dog Days is packed full of humour and manages to highlight just how differently parents and children see the world. I would recommend this book for middle schoolers of all reading abilities, however, the diary layout, informal language and relaxed style of the book make it a particularly fantastic resource for less confident readers across upper KS2.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

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