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Where Can I Buy Nike Shoes

Returns can also be a bit more challenging. When purchasing a unique pair of Nikes on eBay, make sure you read the description carefully. Again, unless you are looking for a pair that you cannot get anywhere else, the other nine retailers listed here have better shipping and return policies.

where can i buy nike shoes

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Nike is undoubtedly the grandfather of sportswear brands. Founded in Oregon in 1964, they have repeatedly produced high-quality, high-performance shoes and apparel. In addition, they have decades of innovative designs ranging from their Air Force One classics to the iconic Air Jordan lineup.

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So it may come as a surprise that Nike, the consummate marketer, came to understand the importance of marketing late in its life: after it hit the $1 billion revenue mark. After more than a decade of meteoric growth, Nike misjudged the aerobics market, outgrew its own capacity to manage, and made a disastrous move into casual shoes. All of those problems forced the company into a period of intense self-examination. Ultimately, says founder, chairman, and CEO Phil Knight, the company realized that the way forward was to expand its focus from the design and manufacture of the product, where Nike had always excelled, to the consumer and the brand.

By 1978, the year Blue Ribbon Sports changed its corporate name to Nike, Jon Anderson had won the Boston Marathon wearing Nike shoes, Jimmy Conners had won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open wearing Nike shoes, Henry Rono had set four track and field records in Nikes, and members of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams were wearing them. Sales and profits were doubling every year.

In the early days, when we were just a running shoe company and almost all our employees were runners, we understood the consumer very well. There is no shoe school, so where do you recruit people for a company that develops and markets running shoes? The running track. It made sense, and it worked. We and the consumer were one and the same.

When we started making shoes for basketball, tennis, and football, we did essentially the same thing we had done in running. We got to know the players at the top of the game and did everything we could to understand what they needed, both from a technological and a design perspective. Our engineers and designers spent a lot of time talking to the athletes about what they needed both functionally and aesthetically.

Look at the Nike brand. From the start, everybody understood that Nike was a running shoe company, and the brand stood for excellence in track and field. It was a very clear message, and Nike was very successful. But casual shoes sent a different message. People got confused, and Nike began to lose its magic. Retailers were unenthusiastic, athletes were looking at the alternatives, and sales slowed. So not only was the casual shoe effort a failure, but it was diluting our trademark and hurting us in running.

The Air Jordan project was the result of a concerted effort to shake things up. With sales stagnating, we knew we had to do more than produce another great Nike running shoe. So we created a whole new segment within Nike focused on basketball, and we borrowed the air-cushion technology we had used in running shoes to make an air-cushioned basketball shoe.

Our first TV campaign was for Visible Air, which was a line of shoes with transparent material along the midsole so consumers could see the air-cushioning technology. Having gone through the painful experience of laying people off and cutting overhead in the mid-1980s, we wanted the message about our new line of shoes to hit with a punch, and that really dictated TV advertising.

We launched the product with the Revolution campaign, using the Beatles song. We wanted to communicate not just a radical departure in shoes but a revolution in the way Americans felt about fitness, exercise, and wellness. The ads were a tremendous hit, and Nike Air became the standard for the industry immediately thereafter.

A handful of Nike+ app users will gain early access to the shoes on Nov. 28, but HyperAdapt 1.0 officially goes on sale to the public on Dec. 1. Additional details about booking appointments for the "experience and purchase" of the sneakers will be posted online and in the mobile app.

Nike Gym & Training Shoes - The soles of gym and training Nike shoes are flatter, which make it more flexible to allow a wide range of movement. These shoes are great for multi-directional movements and are apt for high-intensity workouts, outdoor activities and agility training.

Nike Basketball Shoes - Playing basketball involves a lot of running, jumping and side to side movements. Hence, the shoes you wear should allow ample flexibility. Basketball shoes have raised ankles which help prevent and reduce ankle injuries. These are generally lace-up type shoes that offer a snug fit.

Nike Football Shoes - Football is a game of speed, stamina and aim. Nike has a range of football shoes catering to various tractions: firm ground, artificial ground, soft ground, turf or indoor/court. The design, build and materials used to make these shoes offer an exceptional fit, comfort and good ball control.

Nike Cricket Shoes - Cricket largely requires techniques and focus in either hitting the ball or throwing it. Nike also has a range of cricket shoes that are built to enhance your performance in the game. You can choose between metal or rubber studs and different types of cushioning to get the shoe that would enable you to ace at the game.

Nike Casual Shoes & Sneakers - Ideal for walking and other casual activities, Nike casual shoes and sneakers are a great choice for everyday wear. These shoes have been designed to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. A good pair of sneakers can gravely reduce your chances of a foot injury, thanks to their midsole cushioning and arch support. These kinds of shoes are flat and therefore do not put any pressure on a particular area of your feet.

To help you little further in you quest of find a pair of Nikes that will suit you the best, here are some of the Nike shoes models that you definitely need to check out before buying a pair of shoes from Nike:

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