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The IEP process

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Showcase Raw (Continous Mix) [NEW]

Selecting the most suitable chart to present trends over time is crucial to convey your data effectively. Among the various chart types, the line chart is a prevalent choice to showcase trends over time.

Showcase Raw (Continous Mix)

To showcase Univariate analysis on one of the Continuous variables of the Black Friday Sale Dataset- `Purchase`, I have created a function which takes Data as input and Plot a KDE graph explaining the characteristics of the feature.

To showcase Univariate analysis on the Categorical variables of the Black Friday Sale Dataset- `City_Category` and `Marital_Status`, I have created a function that takes Data and Features as input which returns a count plot explaining the frequency of the categories in the feature.

In this article, I have briefly discussed the importance of EDA in the Data Science pipeline and steps that are involved in proper analysis.I have also showcased how wrong or incomplete analysis can be quite misleading and can considerably affect the performance machine learning models.

In this case, the algorithm did not converge properly - if this werea real analysis, we could not simply continue but would have to inspectpossible causes for this. However, as this is just a showcase, we willignore this and move on. Next, we add the fixed effects (Gender andGroup).

This is the final step in implementing a a mixed-effects multinomialregression model using the mblogit function from themclogit package (see Elff 2021). We areaware that the analysis shown here is supervifial(!) - but please keepin mind that we just wanted to showcase the implementation here ratherthan providing a properly and carefully done analysis.

The Minimalist (@minimaliststyle) is one of the brands that best embodies this aesthetic. Their feed features clean and crisp photos showcasing their various designer made pieces. By sticking to a minimalistic style, they are able to showcase their products in a neat and pristine way.

One such organisation is Sisu Crew, a community and platform that seeks to showcase aspiring women and non-binary DJs and producers. The group offers courses, events and more to educate and inspire our industry to be a place where these traditionally marginalised groups can be seen and heard as they deserve to be.

We are a community providing a platform to educate, inspire and showcase aspiring women and non-binary DJs and producers. We do this through DJ courses, events, podcasts, radio shows, mix series and workshops. The heart of Sisu is our 12-month rolling DJ roster through which we spotlight a diverse group of women and non-binary people at the start of their DJ career. The goal is to help them develop and grow as artists through mentoring, skill sharing and opportunities to showcase their sound through mixes and gigs. Then behind the scenes, we have a core team which keeps things moving at Sisu HQ, looking after every aspect of our work, from marketing and education to events and programming. 041b061a72


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