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The IEP process

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Two unused medal icons exist within the game's files: one depicts Akron and is found amongst other boss medals, and the other one is a screenshot of the icon displayed when a character eats an item they like, found amongst the bottom secret medals. Neither have a name or a description assigned, but there isn't much room to guess what they could've been intended for.


The Japanese MSX2 manual contains exclusive content not found in the English MSX2 manual (nor in the Famicom/NES manuals), such as character profiles with illustrations, brief descriptions of the game's bosses, and the complete specifications of the TX-55 Metal Gear.

A PlayStation 2 version is included as a component of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. The game includes all the changes made in the mobile phone version, as well as further enhancements. The English version contains a rewritten script as well, with a more complete translation than the earlier European MSX2 version. The North American version also has an optional Spanish script. It also includes some sound effects that were originally present in the MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2, including the high pitched squeak that's uttered when a boss is hit, as well as the higher pitched version when their health is dangerously low upon being hit. It also contains descriptions for the various weapons which had been left out of the original localization.

I think your suggestion definitely has a point for style and offers some interesting and strong synergy for the roughest fights. I think it's a fun way to try out the build and, well, build on it if you're so inclined . You won't need it to win against all the content that the game/DLCs can throw at you, but it would certainly enable you to beat certain megabosses (Dorudugan...) in a more honorable way than I did . 041b061a72


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