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File90985 Zip Bobsoft Mini Delphi Unpacker ##HOT##

initially, fireeye was uncertain whether the malware had been used for targeted attacks or a more wide-scale campaign. the first variant of the malware that the researchers encountered in their analysis was built using a delphi packer bundled with a modular payload. the second variant was developed using a delphi packer without a modular payload.

file90985 zip bobsoft mini delphi unpacker

the delphi packer was updated in march 2015, with the release of a malicious file that dropped a packer and payload. the packer and payload used the same version of the delphi packer. this version of the packer was then used in a number of campaigns that involved the use of phishing emails.

malware writers are not the only people to use packers. in one example of a drive-by campaign, a malicious rar archive was found in the temp folder. the archive contained a delphi packer, and it was then loaded into memory when the user visited a malicious website.

in another example, attackers embedded a delphi packer and payload in one of the executable files in a download bundle. the malware then attempted to spread via drive-by attacks. attackers have also used packers and payloads to create malicious vlc media players.

malware authors are not the only hackers that embed delphi packers. hackers sometimes use the packer to hide their payloads from security software and in order to make them harder to detect. in one example, the delphi packer was used to conceal a malicious hta file.

thanks for the welcome. in all seriousness, i've been working on a hobby project, the delphi packer. i see this as a useful tool for the smaller, more focused, teams. it's meant to be a low-impact way for malware to reduce file sizes. my goal is for the packer to be able to be used with delphi 7, delphi 9, delphi xe, and delphi xe5.


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