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What is Ali Mod and Why You Need It for Your Minecraft Experience

What is Ali Mod and How to Use It in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world, with over 200 million copies sold and more than 130 million monthly active players. The game allows you to create, explore, and survive in a procedurally generated world of blocks, where you can build anything you can imagine.

ali mod

But what if you want to add more features, content, or customization to your game? That's where mods come in. Mods are modifications or additions to the game that are created by the community. They can change the gameplay, graphics, mechanics, or even add new items, mobs, biomes, dimensions, and more.

One of the mods that you might want to try out is Ali Mod, a mod that adds wings, allays, and MaLiLib to your game. In this article, we will explain what these features are and how to use them in Minecraft.

Features of Ali Mod


Wings are a feature that allows you to fly in Minecraft. They are obtained by mixing various ingredients with Slow Falling potions, as shown below:

Wing TypeIngredientEffect

FairyOxeye DaisyPink wings that emit particles

Monarch ButterflyOrange DyeOrange wings that flutter

SlimeSlimeballGreen wings that bounce

Blue ButterflyBlue DyeBlue wings that flutter

FireBlaze PowderRed wings that emit fire particles

AngelFeatherWhite wings that glow

BatBat BloodBrown wings that flap

EvilBoneBlack wings that emit smoke particles

DragonLeatherPurple wings that have scales

ParrotRed DyeRainbow wings that have feathers

To fly, you need to equip a pair of wings on your chest slot and press the flight key (default R). You can control your direction by looking around and end your flight by pressing the flight key again or touching the ground. The wings are everlasting until you die, but you can cure them by drinking bottled bat blood.

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Allay is a new mob that is added by Ali Mod. It is a cute creature that resembles a rabbit with ears and a tail. You can find them in the Flower Forest biome, where they spawn naturally. They will hop around and eat flowers. They are very shy and will run away from you if you get too close.

To tame an allay, you need to feed it a flower that matches its color. There are 16 different colors of allays, corresponding to the 16 different types of flowers in Minecraft. Once you tame an allay, it will follow you around and show its affection by nuzzling you. You can also make it sit or stand by right-clicking on it.

One of the coolest features of allays is that they can collect items for you. You can give them a filter by right-clicking on them with an item in your hand. The filter will determine what kind of items they will pick up from the ground. For example, if you give them a diamond, they will only collect diamonds. If you give them a flower, they will collect any kind of flower. You can also give them an empty hand to clear their filter.

To access the items that your allay has collected, you need to right-click on them with a dye. This will change their model to a backpack version, where you can see their inventory. You can also dye their ears and tail by right-clicking on them with a dye while sneaking. You can change their model back to normal by right-clicking on them with a water bucket.


MaLiLib is a library mod that is required for Ali Mod to work. It is a mod that provides some useful features and improvements for the game interface and performance. It also supports other mods that use its features.

Some of the features that MaLiLib offers are:

  • A configuration menu that allows you to customize various settings and options for the game and the mods.

  • A hotkey system that allows you to assign and manage keyboard shortcuts for various actions and commands.

  • A rendering system that allows you to create and display custom overlays, widgets, and animations on the screen.

  • A data storage system that allows you to save and load data files for the game and the mods.

  • A network system that allows you to send and receive packets between the client and the server.

To install MaLiLib, you need to download the mod file from its official website and place it in your mods folder. You also need to have Fabric Loader installed, which is a mod loader that allows you to run mods on Minecraft. To access the configuration menu, you need to press the config key (default C) in the game.


Ali Mod is a mod that adds wings, allays, and MaLiLib to your Minecraft game. It is a fun and creative mod that allows you to fly, tame cute creatures, and customize your game settings. It is compatible with other mods that use Fabric Loader and MaLiLib. If you are looking for a new way to enjoy Minecraft, you should definitely give Ali Mod a try.

You can download Ali Mod from its official website or from CurseForge. You can also follow the mod developer on Twitter or join their Discord server for updates, news, and support. If you like Ali Mod, please consider leaving a positive review or donation to support its development.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you have fun with Ali Mod!


Where can I download Ali Mod?

You can download Ali Mod from its official website or from CurseForge. You will also need to download MaLiLib and Fabric Loader for the mod to work.

Is Ali Mod compatible with other mods?

Yes, Ali Mod is compatible with other mods that use Fabric Loader and MaLiLib. However, some mods may have conflicts or issues with Ali Mod, so please check the compatibility list on the mod website or report any problems on the mod Discord server.

How can I report bugs or suggest features for Ali Mod?

You can report bugs or suggest features for Ali Mod on its GitHub page or on its Discord server. Please provide as much detail as possible when reporting bugs, such as screenshots, logs, steps to reproduce, etc.

What are the minimum requirements to run Ali Mod?

The minimum requirements to run Ali Mod are:

  • Minecraft version 1.17 or higher

  • Fabric Loader version 0.11.6 or higher

  • MaLiLib version 0 .0.0-dev.21 or higher

  • A decent computer that can run Minecraft smoothly

Can I use Ali Mod in multiplayer servers?

Yes, you can use Ali Mod in multiplayer servers, as long as the server has the mod installed as well. You can also play with other players who have different mods, as long as they are compatible with Ali Mod.


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