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The IEP process

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The Chanting Willows

With its Chinese title Liu Lang Wen Ying (yellow warblers singing in a sea of willows), one of the 10 most famous scenic spots surrounding the lake, the film recounts the melancholic love triangle of the three young people, whose lives are affected by the rapidly changing 1990s, when traditional art theaters are struggling with the shrinking market. The movie is adapted from Aiqing Xihu (Love Stories at West Lake), a novella collection written by Mao Dun Literature Prize-winning novelist Wang Xufeng.

The Chanting Willows

Rob connects the practice of enchantment to chanting, noting its relationship with the French word chanter, meaning to sing. When we chant and sing, we tune the frequencies of sound and words towards something beautiful, we breathe air into the alchemy of our bodies and transform it into song. We enchant the vibrations running through us with meaning, wonder and mystery. 041b061a72


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