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The filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger is widely exploited as an important expression host for industrial production. The glucoamylase high-producing strain A. niger CICC2462 has been used as a host strain for the establishment of a secretion expression system. It expresses recombinant xylanase, mannase and asparaginase at a high level, but some high secretory background proteins in these recombinant strains still remain, such as alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase; lead to a low-purity of fermentation products. The aim was to construct an A. niger host strain with a low background of protein secretion.

Niger song op

A total of 49,072,138 and 48,989,116 high-quality reads were obtained from two strains (A. niger CICC2462 and amyR12) by RNA-Seq, respectively. We specifically observed 11,699 and 11,646 expressed genes from these two strains (see Table 4). A total of 1956 differentially expressed unigenes (DEUs) between A. niger CICC2462 and amyR12 were detected, and these included 1331 and 635 unigenes that were up- and down-regulated in amyR12, respectively. Of the total reads, 89.19 and 87.93 % matched to unique genomic locations, respectively, whereas 54.31 and 53.36 % matched to unique gene locations, respectively. To better analyse the genes that presented marked differences, we downsized the scope of the analysis and took into account those with FPKM (Fragments per kilobase of transcript per million fragments mapped) >100 and an absolute value of the Log2 ratio (amyR12/CICC2462) >1.0 and

Up-regulation of the oxidative phosphorylation and tricarboxylic acid cycle genes is a good indication of increase in growth rate. The A. niger CICC2462 and amyR12 strains were grown in PDA medium and the shake flask fermentation medium with glucose as the carbon source. Compared with the reference strain, amyR12 on PDA medium did not differ in size and colour for the first few days (Fig. 4a), but a significant difference was observed after 8 days incubation in that the colony of the amyR12 strain is larger (Fig. 4b). In the shake flask fermentation medium, the mycelium of amyR12 were thicker than those of the wild-type strain, and the dry weight of the amyR12 strain increased higher growth rate than the wild type (Fig. 4c).

Biomass of A. niger and P concentrations in EC treatments (A,C) and EI treatments (B,D) under variable acidic environments. EC: continuous pH adjustment treatments, EI: initial pH adjustment treatments. Error bars represent the standard error.

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You've probably heard a word in a rap song, at least once, that left you wondering, 'WTF are they talking about?' Sometimes those words are 100 percent made up -- things you'll never find in the dictionary. But personally, my favorite slang terms are the ones that have legitimate meanings in everyday English, and represent something completely different in hip-hop songs.

You'll hear this term scattered across hip-hop tracks, and Rich Gang even had a song called "7:30" last year, but rappers are never on time, so it has absolutely nothing to do with being punctual. In this case, it means that they're "going crazy." The term originates from Article 730 of New York State's Criminal Procedure Law, where a defendant's mental health has to be assessed before any legal proceedings can be brought against them.

Examples of racist music include the album Racially Motivated Violence which contains songs entitled "Still Just a Nigger", "Race Mixing is Treason", "Mud Man" and "Islam (Religion of Whores)". Another of the band's albums is titled "Too White For You" and the lyrics from the song "Racially Debased" on this album include the following:

Mediterranean Voyage: Gibraltar to Istanbul. 2005. ARC Music Productions EUCD 1948. One compact disc;notes and some song texts in English, French, and German. Compilation of folkand popular music; various performers.

Chasseurs du Dallol Mawri/Hunters of the Dallol Mawri. 2005. Ocora Radio France C 560170. One compact disc;program notes in French and English (20 p.). Hunting songs with gurumiaccompanied of the Hausa of the Dallol Mawri region of Niger; variousperformers.

Mokanda. 2005.PlayaSound PS 65284. One compact disc; program notes in French and English.Lingala language popular songs with percussion from the Democratic Republic ofthe Congo, performed by Bana Kin.

Rhapsodie pour luth/Rhapsody for Lute. 2004. Institut du Monde Arabe 321057. One compact disc.Tunesian songs with lute performed by Yousra Dhahbi. The Rough Guide to the Music of Madagascar. 2005. World Music NetworkRGNET 1163. One compact disc. Compilation of music by various performers.

Arriba Suena Marimba!: Currulao Marimba Music from Colombia. 2005. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40514. Onecompact disc; notes in English and Spanish (32 p.). Colombian folk songs withmarimba ensemble, performed by Grupo Naidy.

Chamamé: Musique de Corrientes/Music of Corrientes. 2005. Ocora Radio France C 560186. One compact disc;program notes in French, English, and Spanish, and Spanish song texts withFrench and English translations (36 p.). Northeast Argentinean chamamé fromCorrientes province, performed by Rudi and Nini Flores with accompanyingmusicians. [Chamame]

Classic Railroad Songs.2006. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW 40192. One compact disc; programnotes by Jeff Place, with bibliography and discography (33 p.). Americanrailroad songs recorded in 1942-1981, mostly previously released 1952-1997.Various performers.

First Flight: Early Calypsos from the Emory Cook Collection. 2005. Smithsonian Folkways Records SFW CD 40534. Onecompact disc; notes by Gordon Rohlehr (17 p.). Calypso songs from Trinidadrecorded by Emory Cook, 1957-1959. Performed by the Mighty Sparrow, guitar andvocals, with accompanying musicians.

The French Antilles: We Will Play Love Tonight! 2004. Rounder Select 1733. One compact disc; program notesby Kenneth Bilby and Morton Marks, French or French Creole song texts withEnglish translations, and bibliography (40 p.). Field recordings of folk musicfrom Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Barthélémy made by Alan Lomax in 1962;various performers. [St. Barthelemy]

Masters of the Old-Time Country Autoharp. 2006. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40115. Onecompact disc; program notes. American folk and country music recorded in1925-1961; originally released in 1962. Various performers. The Mayor of MacDougal Street: Rarities, 1957-1969. 2005. MulticulturalMedia MCM 4005. Compilation of previously unreleased performances of Americanand British folk songs and interviews, performed by Dave Van Ronk, guitar andvocals, with supporting musicians.

Negro Color.2004. World Village 468032. One compact disc; Spanish-language song texts withEnglish translations. Latin American popular songs performed by Afro-Peruvianvocalist Tania Libertad with supporting musicians.

Rastlin' Jacob: The Music of the Spiritual Baptists of Trinidadand Tobago. 2003. Rounder Records 1115. Onecompact disc; program notes, song texts, discography, bibliography (33 p.).Field recordings of hymns made in Trinidad in 1939 by Melville and FrancesHerskovits.

Rolas de Aztlán: Songs of the Chicano Movement. 2005. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40516. Onecompact disc; program notes by Estevan César Azcona and Russell Rodríguez, andSpanish-language song texts with English translations (37 p.). Political songsrecorded in 1966-circa 1999 by various performers/activists; most materialpreviously released. [Rolas de Aztlan; Estevan Cesar Azcona; Russell Rodriguez]

La Chanson d'Aden/The Aden Song. 2002. Institut du Monde Arabe 321047. One compact disc;notes in French by Jean Lambert with English translation, with partial vocaltext in French and English translation (12 p.). Yemeni songs performed byMohammed Murshid Naji, vocals and oud; Khalil Mohammed Khalil, vocals and oud;with assisting musicians. Classical Music of the Tajiks and Uzbeks: Invisible Face of the Beloved(Music of Central Asia, Vol. 2). 2005. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD40521. One compact disc and one videodisc; program notes in English,bibliography, discography, and Uzbek and Tajik song texts with Englishtranslations (41 p.). Performed by the Academy of Maqâm. [Academy of Maqam]Gamelan of Central Java I: Classical Gendings. 2001. Dunya Records FY8041. One compact disc; program notes by John Noise Manis. Music of theSurakarta court, performed by pesindhèn Nyi Cendaniraras, with faculty membersof Sekolah Tinngi Seni Indonesia (STSI), Surakarta. [pesindhen]

Haydar Haydar: Masters of Turkish Music. 2003. Rounder Select 1140. One compact disc; programnotes, plus song lyrics in Turkish and English (19 p.). Compilation of Ottomancourt, folk, and popular music recorded in 1904-1953 by various performers.

L'Heure de Salomon/The Hour of Solomon. 2001. Institut du Monde Arabe 321032. One compact disc;biographical and program notes by Jean Lambert in French, with Englishtranslation, plus French and English translations of song texts (10 p.). Yemenisongs with oud, performed by Mohammad al-Harithi.

Le Sawt de Bahreïn/The Sawt in Bahrain. 2004. Institut du Monde Arabe 321040. One compact disc;program notes in French with English translation, with song texts in French andEnglish translation. Songs from Bahrain with instrumental accompaniment,performed by Ensemble Muhammad Faris. [Le Sawt de Bahrein] 041b061a72


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