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Shimmer And Shake KONTAKT !!INSTALL!!

PATTERNS PER PATCH: ElevenSTEPS PER PATTERN: 2-64ROLLS: Available for all tambourines and shakersONE SHOTS: Available for all instruments

Shimmer and Shake KONTAKT

Download Zip:

Two versions of SSS are available: the standard version ships with five tambourines, 12 shakers and 33 struck percussion instruments; the expanded version doubles the number of tambourines to 10 and the shakers to 24. Hosted in a large-format GUI, SSS can independently sequence any three instruments taken from three categories, unsurprisingly named Shimmer, Shake or Strike. No prizes for guessing which kind of instrument falls into which category.

Here's the problem: you're working on a project and you decide you need some kind of shaker or tambourine part, but you're blessed with a nursery-grade percussion collection. And when you break out your sample loops, you find that everything either uses the wrong pattern, tempo or instrument for the track, or else exhibits the rhythmic panache of Gordon Brown. Fortunately for everyone, though, it appears that Nine Volt Audio have also been afflicted with the former PM's maracas performances, and have decided to do something about it, in the form of their new Shimmer & Shake collection.

It's truly an epic venture, comprising almost 5000 samples. For a start, they recorded 22 different instruments, ranging from stalwarts such as tambourine, egg shaker, cabasa and maracas to curios such as the goat toes, Meinl Spin Spark and Pearl Shakerine. These recordings are presented as both a selection of loops (in Acidised WAV, Apple Loops, REX2 and Stylus RMS formats) and a set of Kontakt instruments so you can program your own patterns.

If you're still struggling to find the pattern you need (even if you shuffle some REX slices around), you'll want to check out the Kontakt instruments, which feature standard shake samples (with alternates for extra realism), accents, hand hits, looped sustain rolls, and slow/fast crescendo rolls. In addition to those, the instruments all have an innovative Tight control that defines how 'on the beat' each hit feels, by adjusting its onset speed, and this feature is extraordinarily effective when it comes to making sure that programmed parts don't feel like they're lagging at higher tempos.

The interface has three main pages: Main, Pattern, and Mixer. The main page is a picture of the instruments currently playing. The Pattern page allows you to edit or change the pattern and edit the tambourine and shaker rolls. The Mixer page allows for editing Pitch, Tone, EQ, Delay and Reverb. You can adjust volume and pan on any of the three pages.

Nine Volt Audio Shimmer & Shake is a double-DVD collection of shaken hand percussion patches for Kontakt AND a collection of 2350 loops in the REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt 3.5/4, ACID wav and Apple Loop formats.

Instruments include the cabasa, vintage tambourine, modern tambourine, brass tambourine, sistrum, maracas hi, maracas low, caxixi, shekere, egg shaker, beer can shaker, Bali-Pong shaker, rain stick (played as a shaker), finger drum shaker, goat toes, sand shaker, rock shaker, pill bottle shaker, Shakerine front, Shakerine side, sleigh bells, shell shaker, Spin Spark hi, Spin Spark low and Vari-Tone. All loop folders and patch names further identify the sound characteristic to help find the right sound quickly (natural, plastic, jingle, metal, sand, etc.).Unique to the multi-sample portion of the library is the Tight control. This unique interface knob tightens up MIDI performances when taking tracks into higher BPM ranges. This is something that naturally occurs when a percussionist performs, but has never been translated to the sample world until now. Tighten up performances with a twist of a knob to prevent mixes from being overtaken by unrealistic and slushy sounding parts. View the video demo to see hear and see it in action.Multi-sample users will also enjoy over 4900 unique samples that cover regular shake sounds, accent shakes, hand hits, stick hits (tambourines) and crescendo/decrescendo rolls. Patches were programmed with consistency, so should you decide to change the shaker or tambourine, you will not need to change your MIDI part.

any shortfalls in terms of accessibility are not really deal breakers, this is one of those products that could almost be thought of as a composition utility. You may not use it on every single track you write, but you will be glad you have it when you need it, after scratching your head searching for that little extra something, this may well be it, with more high end rhythms than you can shake a stick at!

Skaka is a sample-based sequencer plugin for shaker percussion instruments. It has 12 slots, each with its own instrument, parameters (lots of them!) and pattern. We've built both the sequencer and the sampler from the ground, to optimize this instrument for these types of sounds. Each pattern contains events, with individual parameters like pitch, velocity (as in how fast the instrument is shaken), and envelope.

With full control over shuffle/swing amount, an advanced humanizer function, internal awareness of in- and out shakes (yes, they sound different), using grids divided into triplets/quintuplets/septuplets, timing fine-tuning and variable sequence lengths, Skaka can get very close to how a human percussionist would sound in almost any tempo without any use of degrading time stretching or similar techniques.

Winterbells is a deeply sampled festive collection of concert sleighbells, jingle bells, bell hoops, horse reins, logging wagon bells, bell strips and ropes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny to huge and everywhere in between. The logging bells are cast bronze bells in various pitches that were mounted to a steel rail on logging wagons and trucks in the late 1800s. Their brash tone served to warn travelers of the approaching wagons on the winding mountain roads in the days before electric horns. The softball sized giant rope bells are clustered on joined rope braids so they strike against each other when shaken, and have a low, dark, dull percussive tone. The Bell strip has a distinct horse bridle bell sound which works great for tuned percussion. The bell hoop has a tamborine-like quality, while the star bells have a crisp, thin, high pitched washy tone - and that's just the beginning!

We captured multiple dynamic layers and round robins of all the instruments in a dry studio environment, then performed loops to bring tempo-synced realism to your holiday season. After that, we expanded these natural metallic shimmering timbres with 20 ambient organic soundscapes and 20 custom FX presets to kickstart your snowy sleighride.

Shake is a comprehensive collection of 95 shakers, tambourines, rattles, and bells from all over the world. This deep and stylistically expansive sample library focuses on dynamic live percussion performances by British instrumentalist and media composer David Oliver.

Shake has everything you need for your next composition, including tiny soft plastic and raw hide egg shakers, filled ping pong ball rattle, raw hide, plastic and wooden maracas, small and medium-sized instruments made from natural materials such as reeds, seed pods, gourds, vines, rattan, coconuts, nut shells, bamboo, wood and metal. There are also many unique instruments made or improvised by David like the bamboo rainstick shaker, mung bean shaker, cocktail stick shaker and pad box multi-effect shaker (a flat wooden box containing ball bearings) and multiple Caxixi combinations. With Soundiron's intuitive multi-layered modular UI, you'll enjoy complete freedom to mix, layer, affect and customize each sound to your heart's content.

David recorded masses of live performed grooves, fills, flourishes, rolls, and individually sampled hits. Shake includes African, Latin American, Indian, and World instruments with powerfully authentic and spirited recordings that are carefully hand-crafted for effortless use in films, games, and any genre of music that needs shaker.

David meticulously selected this bundle of highly recordable instruments amongst the most sonic and dynamically useful shakers from his grand collection. He recorded them all multiple times, slicing the extended performances into the best 2 bar seamless loops in time signatures of 3-4, 4-4, 5-4 6-8 and 7-8, at intervals of 20bpm from 80bpm to 140bpm and whole sets of maraca patterns in 4-4 with tempos from 160bpm to 280bpm. 350c69d7ab


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