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Get Started with .NET 6.0: Download and Install ASP.NET Core Runtime

How to Download ASP.NET Core 6

ASP.NET Core is a modern, cross-platform, and open-source framework for building web applications and services. It is fast, scalable, secure, and easy to use. ASP.NET Core 6 is the latest version of the framework, released in November 2021. It offers many new features and improvements that make web development more productive and enjoyable.

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In this article, you will learn how to download and install ASP.NET Core 6 on your machine. You will also learn about the main features and benefits of ASP.NET Core 6, and how to create and run a simple web app using Visual Studio or the command line.

What is ASP.NET Core 6 and why use it?

ASP.NET Core 6 is the latest major release of the ASP.NET Core framework. It is part of the .NET 6 platform, which unifies the SDK, base libraries, and runtime across mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud apps. ASP.NET Core 6 provides several benefits, such as:

  • Hot reload: Apply changes to Razor, C#, and CSS source files into your running app during development without the need to rebuild and restart the app.

  • Minimal APIs: Create a new ASP.NET Core app with just a few lines of code using the latest C# features and a simplified hosting model.

  • Async streaming: Asynchronously stream data from the server without any need for buffering.

  • IAsyncDisposable: Support for IAsyncDisposable on controllers, page models, and view components.

  • Bootstrap 5.1: ASP.NET Core now comes with integrated Bootstrap 5.1 support.

  • Null-state analysis: All ASP.NET Core templates now have C# null-state analysis enabled by default.

  • CSS isolation for pages and views: Scope CSS styles to specific pages or views using .cshtml.css files.

  • JavaScript modules: Place related JavaScript modules alongside pages, views, and components using .cshtml.js and .razor.js files.

  • Blazor improvements: Render components from JavaScript, preserve prerendered state, use error boundaries, custom event args, generic type parameters inference, required component parameters, query string parameters, HTML head content control, JavaScript initializers, dynamic component rendering, etc.

  • .NET WebAssembly build tools: Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation for Blazor WebAssembly apps, as well as support for runtime relinking and native dependencies.

  • Single-page apps: Built-in support for Angular 12 and React 17 based on a flexible template pattern that can be used with other popular frontend JavaScript frameworks.

  • Socket control: More control over socket creation and handling.

  • Strongly-typed headers: Accessing HTTP headers in a strongly-typed way.

  • HTTP & W3C logging: Log HTTP traffic, and log using the W3C Extended Log File Format.

  • HTTP/3 (Preview): Preview of server support for HTTP/3 based on the new QUIC transport.

For a full list of everything thats new in ASP.NET Core in .NET 6, check out the .


Before you can download and install ASP.NET Core 6, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  • .NET 6 SDK or runtime: The .NET 6 SDK includes everything you need to develop and run ASP.NET Core 6 apps, including the .NET CLI, the .NET runtime, and the ASP.NET Core shared framework. The .NET 6 runtime includes only the .NET runtime and the ASP.NET Core shared framework, which are required to run ASP.NET Core 6 apps. You can download either the SDK or the runtime depending on your needs.

  • Visual Studio 2022 or Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio 2022 is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) that supports ASP.NET Core 6 development. Visual Studio Code is a lightweight and cross-platform code editor that also supports ASP.NET Core 6 development with the help of extensions. You can use either of these tools to create, debug, and deploy ASP.NET Core 6 apps.

To check your current .NET version, you can use the dotnet --version command in a terminal or command prompt. If you have an older version of .NET installed, you can update it by downloading and installing the latest .NET 6 SDK or runtime from the .

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Download and install ASP.NET Core 6

To download and install ASP.NET Core 6, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the .NET 6 SDK or runtime: Go to the and choose the .NET 6 SDK or runtime for your operating system. You can also use the direct links below:

Operating system


.NET 6 Runtime

Windows x64

Windows x86

macOS x64/x86

macOS ARM64 (Apple Silicon)

Linux x64/x86/ARM32/ARM64/Alpine ARM64/MUSL x64/MUSL ARM64/RHEL x64/SLES x64/Ubuntu ARM64/Ubuntu x64/Ubuntu x86/Ubuntu MUSL ARM64/Ubuntu MUSL x64/Debian ARM32/Debian ARM64/Debian x64/Debian x86/Fedora x64/CentOS/RHEL x64/CentOS/RHEL ARM64/OpenSUSE x64/OpenSUSE ARM64/SLES ARM64/Tizen ARM32/Tizen ARM64/Tizen x86/Tizen x64/Snapcraft/Snapcraft ARM32/Snapcraft ARM64/Snapcraft x86/Snapcraft x64/Snapcraft MUSL ARM64/Snapcraft MUSL x64/Binary archives/Binary archives ARM32/Binary archives ARM64/Binary archives MUSL ARM64/Binary archives MUSL x64/Binary archives RHEL x64/Binary archives SLES x64/Binary archives Ubuntu ARM64/Binary archives Ubuntu MUSL ARM64/Binary archives Ubuntu MUSL x64/Binary archives Ubuntu x86/Binary archives Ubuntu x64/Binary archives Alpine ARM32/Binary archives Alpine ARM64/Binary archives Alpine MUSL ARM32/Binary archives Alpine MUSL ARM64/Binary archives Alpine MUSL x86/Binary archives Alpine MUSL x64/Binary archives Debian ARM32/Binary archives Debian ARM64/Binary archives Debian MUSL ARM32/Binary archives Debian MUSL ARM64/Binary archives Debian MUSL x86/Binary archives Debian MUSL x64/Binary archives Fedora ARM32/Binary archives Fedora ARM64/Binary archives Fedora MUSL ARM32/Binary archives Fedora MUSL ARM64/Binary archives Fedora MUSL x86/Binary archives Fedora MUSL x64/Binary archives OpenSUSE ARM32/Binary archives OpenSUSE ARM64/Binary archives OpenSUSE MUSL ARM32/Binary archives OpenSUSE MUSL ARM64/Binary archives OpenSUSE MUSL x86/Binary archives OpenSUSE MUSL x64/Binary archives SLES ARM32/Binary archives SLES ARM64/Binary archives SLES MUSL ARM32/Binary archives SLES MUSL ARM64/Binary archives SLES MUSL x86/Binary archives SLES MUSL x64/Binary archives Tizen ARM32/Binary archives Tizen ARM64/Binary archives Tizen MUSL ARM32/Binary archives Tizen MUSL ARM64/Binary archives Tizen MUSL x86/Binary archives Tizen MUSL x64

  • Install the .NET 6 SDK or runtime: Depending on your operating system and the method you choose, you can install the .NET 6 SDK or runtime using an installer, a package manager, a script, or a binary archive. For detailed instructions, see the guides.

Verify your installation

After you have installed the .NET 6 SDK or runtime, you can verify your installation by following these steps:

  • Check the .NET version: Run the dotnet --version command in a terminal or command prompt. You should see the output 6.0.100 or higher.

  • Create and run a simple ASP.NET Core web app: You can use Visual Studio or the command line to create and run a simple ASP.NET Core web app. For Visual Studio, see the .


In this article, you learned how to download and install ASP.NET Core 6 on your machine. You also learned about the main features and benefits of ASP.NET Core 6, and how to create and run a simple web app using Visual Studio or the command line. ASP.NET Core 6 is a powerful and modern framework for building web applicati


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