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The IEP process

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Sec44 Sprite 12

This setting allows you to change the size of points when rendering a point list, or a list of point sprites. The interpretation of this command depends on the Ogre::Pass::setPointAttenuation option - if it is off (the default), the point size is in screen pixels, if it is on, it expressed as normalised screen coordinates (1.0 is the height of the screen) when the point is at the origin.

Sec44 Sprite 12


This setting specifies whether or not hardware point sprite rendering is enabled for this pass. Enabling it means that a point list is rendered as a list of quads rather than a list of dots. It is very useful to use this option if you are using a BillboardSet and only need to use point oriented billboards which are all of the same size. You can also use it for any other point list render.


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