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The IEP process

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The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush forests, misty weather, and vivid skies. While the region's landscapes are beautiful, they can be difficult to translate into digital images that don't look over-saturated or flat. With this pack of 10 unique 3D LUT profiles, you'll be able to add a distinctive color palette inspired by the northwest region without losing detail in shadows or highlights. These profiles lift blacks, push hues into shadows, and target greens for a variety of interesting hue shifts that are perfect for landscape photography as well as commercial work with an outdoor theme. Works with both Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw.


It's all about colour in this article featuring some of our favourite saturated LUTs and presets for Lightroom to help you create bright, rich, vivid colours. They're all available with a subscription to Envato Elements, too!

Create rich, vivid colour in your photographs with this set of 30 Lightroom presets. They work best with landscape and environmental portraits, with an additional 'warm up' or 'cool down' option too. These presets are for Lightroom 4 and above and work with both the classic and mobile versions.

I am exporting a project as a ProRes 4444 for a color grade. Some of the footage is Braw. I have disabled all Braw LUTS on the master clip settings, but when I export out of Media Encoder, the LUT is still applied, with much move vivid colors that won't work for the colorist.

DJI's standard picture profiles can be vivid and punchy, but similar to shooting JPEG format on a stills camera, using them can make it impossible to recover highlights or shadows if clipping occurs in high contrast scenes. 041b061a72


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