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Reactive Attachment Disorder in Youth

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This component of the game will be able to play over 45 main tanks, over 100 ground vehicles and over 100 airplanes. All the customization options will be available to you. If you love tanks, you can choose your game pieces. Maybe you like having the Germans winning more of the battles and show off your German tanks? Or maybe you love your tanks fighting against the British and show off your best tanks. So now everyone can see exactly what are the best tanks of this world war 1. You can play in many scenarios during that time, you can choose to win or lose, it's all up to you. If you win, your crew will be better and better with time, tanks will be better and better with time, you will be always better. At the end, you will get the most experience and will be able to unlock more customization options.


Welcome to the battlefield where Tank Crewman face enemy fire, as well as rival tank crews during the World War I. You are now the commander of a 7.5cm Krupp Tiger, and a crewman who must act in the heat of battle to outwit the enemy and survive.

This is a realistic simulation of tank crew management during the World War I. The goal of the game is to attack the enemy tanks while managing your crew, staying out of trouble and winning the battles. Every battle will give you experience, which can be spent to level up your crew, raise their attributes and performance, as well as improve your own attributes.

The chances of survival on the battlefields of Europe were extremely slim. The crews of the tanks were always at the mercy of fate. They had to undertake tactical maneuvers to protect themselves. This is why they had to have a keen eye, a weapon to fight with and all the appropriate equipment and gear. But also, they had to care for one another and always support each other. This was the very basis on which they could create their own future.


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