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AO International Tennis Download PC Game [WORK]

AO International Tennis is the most realistic and community focused tennis game ever! Make use of comprehensive stadium creator also the other customization features to put a photo realistic version of yourself in the local tennis competition to make it more exciting and authentic. Put yourself against the well known players and test your abilities. Download the game and play with thousands of players created by AO International Tennis Fans. You can create your own court or play on the existing parks also every major court surface is supported by AO International Tennis. For the purpose of bring the mist realistic tennis, professional players have been 3D scanned and motion captured. Play with the players all around the world and become number one tennis player by winning tournaments. Special event matches against professionals will help you to unlock the next levels improving your career.

AO International Tennis Download PC Game


Use existing arena and tennis playgrounds, or even make your personal along with the complete in-game editor! MOVEMENT SQUEEZE Professional players have been 3D browsed as well as activity caught to take the most authentic tennis video game to date.

Coming From Top Spin to the first number of Mario Tennis labels, the sporting activity had a large array of names for all sorts of gamers, coming from arcade-loving casuals to deeper simulation fans. Just like the substantial, a large number of sporting activities certainly not contacted football as well as baseball, our company have not found lots of brand-new tennis names in an although, with the exception of a few terrible shovelware titles from time to time. AO International Tennis tries to go back to the circumstance by taking a deeper simulation headline for the present creation of gaming consoles.

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This carries over to the game's stadiums, which only features the license for the courts within Melbourne Park, where the Australian Open takes place. The first stop of the Grand Slam tennis culminates at the Rod Laver Arena which is faithfully recreated. The remaining court locations in the game are based on remaining stops; the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. However, without the proper licenses, they loosely resemble the famous real-life stadiums, but a quick trip to the community creations solves all problems. Within minutes, I downloaded the most popular versions of each arena, complete with user-created logos, product placements, and layouts.

AO International Tennis is the official game of the Australian Open. The title features Rafa Nadal and Angelique Kerber on the cover and is the only game with an official license from the Mallorcan. Career mode, tournaments and online play make this the deepest tennis game on the Australian Open that has ever been created and sets a new standard for what a game of tennis can offer fans.

Multitude of licensed players and stadiums: AO International Tennis will come with a full set of male and female players, such as Rafa Nadal or stadiums like the Rod Laver Arena, all of them with official license. Cement, grass or clay: Each surface has its own characteristics that will influence the game. Choose between grass, cement or the favorite of Rafa Nadal, the clay. Artificial Intelligence: Ten years of data collected in the Australian Open championship matches make players behave as they do in real life. Movement Capture: Professional players have served as models to capture their movements and offer the most authentic tennis game to date.

Character Editor: Create your player with the complete character editor. Only you decide who is number 1. You can create your character on PC through the free application available from Steam and reimport it to your console. Customization: Editors of clothing, stadium and logo. Import any element you want from the real world to the game to achieve maximum customization and authenticity. AO International Tennis has one of the best editors of tennis stadiums of the moment. Free Updates: AO International Tennis will not have any type of DLC payment. All stadiums, players, equipment and other content can be downloaded for free.

AO International Tennis! It is a 2018 sports video game that was developed and published by Big Ant Studios. I am released for many different platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, so every tennis lover according to their system can play and enjoy playing the game. The developer has made the game with upgraded mechanics to give the best graphics to make the game look more realistic than ever. Many features are introduced like the creation of a stadium and other features that can be customized to put the player himself in the real ground of tennis for competitions, you can play different tournaments offline and also online, the function of motion capture is available in the game. Players can choose the tennis champions that are introduced in the game like Rafael Nadal, Angelique, and many other champions and also the upcoming heroes of tennis like Naomi Osaka, etc.

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We're just about to get AO International Tennis this month, meaning players can get into the spirit of the game just in time for summer, but we had some questions about the title, and who better to answer them than Big Ant Studios' founder and CEO Ross Symons. We recently asked him all about the tennis experience, and below you can find the entire Q&A which should get you ready to hit the court later this month.

We have been working on ideas for a tennis game for a number of years now, as it's a sport that the entire team is very passionate about - I've actually attended every AO Semi-Final and Final for a couple of decades. So, when the opportunity to produce our first tennis game came to us, we jumped at the opportunity.

Every sports game is complex in its own way. For example, tennis is a game of millimetres at times, and so the physics engine needs to be absolutely spot on in terms of measuring movement to the most tiny of distances.

It has been a while since the last simulation tennis game, hasn't it? One of the reasons we wanted to do a tennis game ourselves is that we've been wanting to play one. As for reasons why, I couldn't give you a definitive answer. The big publishers and developers clearly decided to focus on other sports for one reason or another, and it's taken a while for opportunities to pop up for other developers to step in and pick up the baton.

We try to avoid comparing our games to other sporting titles, because we believe they have an identity of their own, but AO International Tennis is very, very heavily weighted on the simulation side of the equation. We've produced what we hope is a challenging, authentic take on the sport and all its on-court nuances, and we're looking forward to tennis fans really getting stuck in and mastering those complexities.

Disclosures: This game was obtained via paid digital download and reviewed on the PC. Approximately 80 hours of play was devoted to multiplayer modes, and there is no offline option available. 041b061a72


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