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Reactive Attachment Disorder in Youth

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The 2019 Apple Mac Pro Is Perfect! Well… Kinda [NEW]

I have a MacBook pro 13" with retina display, kinda new. my screen stopped working suddenly and doesn't display anything. It boots up and displays perfectly through an HDMI on external screen. I am also able to adjust my screen brightness!

The 2019 Apple Mac Pro is perfect! Well… kinda

The maximum you can receive from Apple for an iMac is $1460. This would be a model with a huge amount of storage, the best speed, and in perfect condition. Generally, you would spend well over $2000 for a new iMac with the lowest storage and lowest speed.

I tried a couple of the other modes as well, here is the BT.709 mode which is perfect for mastering SDR video content. Accuracy is great, not quite as good as the sRGB mode but still excellent for content creation with confidence that it's correct. Apple also does a decent job with the DCI-P3 mode if you need to create video content in that color space, nailing the green-tinted white point and delivering decent gamma except for one flaw in the low gamma range.


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