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Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai: A Romantic Visual Novel for PS4 and Switch

If you are a fan of romance visual novels, you might be interested in Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai, a game developed by CUBE and published by Entergram. The game was first released for PC in November 2014, and it is coming to PS4 and Switch on February 22, 2023 in Japan. The game features a story about the literature club and the drama club at Hayakubo Academy, who have to work together to save their clubs from being disbanded by the student council. The game has four heroines, each with their own route and endings. You can choose to pursue your childhood friend Mayuu, who used to be a famous actress, your underclassman and writer Sena, the leader of the drama club Momoka, or the mysterious transfer student Rikka.

The game has high-quality graphics and voice acting, as well as a catchy soundtrack. The game also has a gallery mode where you can view the CGs and scenes that you have unlocked. The game is suitable for players who enjoy slice-of-life stories with comedy, drama, and romance. The game has a rating of 18+ in Japan, so it may contain some adult content.


If you want to play Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai on your PS4 or Switch, you will need to import the game from Japan or buy it from an online store that ships internationally. The game does not have an official English translation, so you will need to understand Japanese or use a fan-made patch or guide to play it. However, there is no need to worry about surveys, passwords, or downloads, as the game is available on physical discs for both platforms. You can also watch some gameplay videos or reviews on YouTube or other websites to get a better idea of what the game is like.

Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai is a charming and heartwarming visual novel that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters. If you are looking for a new romance game to play on your PS4 or Switch, you should definitely check out this game. You won't regret it!


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