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Buy One Get One Free Cruise Deals 2017

Only those verified through the platform get free tickets, and single occupancy for rooms, which typically carries a higher cruise price tag, is permitted. Additional passengers who are not verified by GovX are full price.

buy one get one free cruise deals 2017

The freebie does carry some blackout dates -- Dec. 30, 2022, and Dec. 31, 2023 -- and the website states that additional dates can be added at any time. Passengers on free tickets will need to pay fees and taxes, which sit at about $90 for a cruise priced at $99, and the tickets are non-transferable. Qualified passengers can take one free cruise a year, the website says.

* 2017-2018 & SELECT 2019 OCEAN CRUISE AND AIR SAVINGS: Offer applies to bookings made by Sep 30, 2017. 2-for-1 cruise plus FREE air valid on Mid-Atlantic Crossing, Around the Caribbean Sea, From the Caribbean to Amazon, Eastern Seaboard Explorer, New York, Bermuda and the West Indies, South America and the Caribbean, West Indies Explorer, Turquoise Caribbean Seas, Panama and Central America, Alaska and the Inside Passage, Cultural Cuba and Cuba, Panama and the Pacific. Air savings varies on other itineraries. Air offers valid on all North American gateways except Alaska, Hawaii, San Juan and Mexico City. Air does not have to be purchased to get cruise/tour offer. All prices are in US dollars and for US residents only. Additional restrictions may apply. For 2017 cruises, book and pay in full by Sep 30, 2017 or at time of booking if within 90 days of departure, if earlier. For 2018 cruises, book by Sep 30, 2017; pay in full by Oct 31, 2017. For 2019 cruises, book by Sep 30, 2017; pay in by full Dec 31, 2017. Offer expires Sep 30, 2017. EXCLUSIVE CRUISE SALE: $200 Shipboard Credit offer valid for new FIT bookings only made by September 11, 2017. Shipboard credit valid for onboard use only as well as purchase of optional shore excursions. Shipboard credit cannot be used towards gratuities. Limit one shipboard credit voucher per stateroom. Shipboard Credit voucher will arrive with final documents. No cash value. Booking must be deposited for offer to be valid. Offer is only valid on river cruise and ocean cruise itineraries and excludes other Viking tour products. Shipboard credits NOT applicable Egypt, Southeast Asia river itineraries or any bookings sailing within 60 days. Additional restrictions may apply. Please contact The Cruise Web at 1-800-377-9383 for full terms and conditions. The Cruise Web is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.

If you're like me, your inbox is flooded daily with cruise line emails advertising amazing sales that will save you money. Free this, free that, BOGO (Buy One Get One) half off, discounts of 50, no 60, no 75 percent off prevailing rates. Your inner bargain hunter starts itching to snag that deal, while the killjoy skeptic on your other shoulder is whispering, "This sale is too good to be true."

BOGO deals -- typically buy one get one free or half price -- are a particular favorite of Royal Caribbean, though other lines might use this lure as well. The hook is that if you buy one cruise fare at full price, you get the second one discounted.

The other tricky thing about BOGO deals is that the cruise lines list the prices with the discount factored in. We once checked fares for a three-night Bahamas cruise during a Royal Caribbean promotion for BOGO 60 percent off and found starting rates listed as $198 per person, and in tiny print was a notice that the fare had been $284. If you weren't paying careful attention, you'd think the sale fare was $198 for the first person and $79 for the second. But Royal Caribbean has already done the math; the first person is actually paying $284 and the second $114. Add that together and divide by two and you get the list price of $198.

Free airfare and hotel deals are most common among luxury, ultra-premium and river cruise lines, though they can show up industry-wide. Considering that airfare and pre- or post-cruise hotel fees make up a significant part of any cruise vacation budget, the idea of getting such add-ons for free is quite an attractive offer.

The first thing to know about free airfare deals is that they're typically limited to select major airports. The fine print for one free airfare offer on Oceania Cruises lists 29 U.S. and Canadian airports, then says "airfare is available from all other U.S. and Canadian gateways for an additional charge." If you want to fly out of Oklahoma City or St. Louis or Anchorage, your airfare will not be free.

If it's even "free" to begin with. Regent Seven Seas has a standing free airfare offer, and Cruise Critic members routinely opt out of Regent's air and get hundreds of dollars back as an air credit. (They've received reimbursement for opting out of free hotel deals, as well.) Which means that the free airfare is not really free, but bundled into the price of your cruise -- and if you're a savvy shopper, or have frequent flyer miles, you can likely get a better deal on your own.

Finally, watch out for "air deviation fees," should you wish to influence air routings or fly in a few days pre-cruise with your free air offer. If you don't want to pay extra, you have to settle for whatever routing (including layovers), the cruise line chooses.

We're used to kids' pricing on everything from restaurant meals to museum admission, so many first-time cruisers are shocked to find the littlest kids have to pay the same cruise fare as adults. "Kids sail free" promotions are alluring because they promise a significant discount to expensive family vacations.

Finally, note that while kids will get free cruise fares, you will still have to pay the taxes, fees and gratuities for them. We checked prices on a Norwegian cruise deal where one of the perks you can pick is a free guest or two. For a seven-night cruise, each passenger in the cabin (we checked for four passengers) was charged $130 in taxes, even when the "extra guest" offer was selected and the third and fourth cruise fares were waived. (Incidentally, third and fourth passenger fares when we checked were only $229 per person-- compared to $1,099 for the first two passengers -- so fares were already significantly reduced even before choosing the "extra guest" offer.)

NEWS: In mid-February 2021, the 73-years-old Astoria (currently the world's oldest cruise ship) was listed for sale at Lloyds's List. After leaving Port Tilbury, Astoria was rerouted to Port Rotterdam Holland where was arrested (under an insolvency law) after the Madeira-based shipowner Transportes Marítimos Unipessoal Lda filed for bankruptcy. The boat was auctioned at a minimum price of EUR 10 million (GBP 8,72M/ USD 12,135M), free from any debts.

In mid-July 2019, CMV offered free roundtrip bus travel to Puerto Penasco from USA (Phoenix and Tucson) plus USD 200 OBC/onboard credit for all Sea of Cortez cruise bookings made by July 30. Promo sales also included onboard gratuities and free drinks (house beer and wine by the glass at lunches and dinners). CMV Astoria cruise prices started from USD 1600 per person (double occupancy cabin rates).

The IAP went through several positive changes in recent years. It used to be an inaccessible and virtually useless tool for many cardholders. Luckily for those seeking cheaper deals, it was updated in 2017 to offer discounts on first, business and premium economy tickets. You can now also book these tickets online directly through Amex Travel.

Oh DISNEY CRUISE!!! One of my true loves in life. One of those things you might think people are weirdly obsessed with, until you experience it yourself, and then you find yourself on that same obsession train. We took our first Disney cruise in 2017 and JUST got back from our second, April of 2022, and it was every bit as magical and amazing as I remembered.

we will be going on our first Princess cruise in May. Trying to decide whether or not to purchase the AIBP. Other cruise lines offer free drinks in the casino when gambling and I was wondering about Princess. We will be on the Grand. While I'm at it... any general feedback about the casino?

Do not depend on casino for free drinks. Some pit bosses might buy you one occasionally, but very hit and miss. Not like Carnival where you get one pretty easily. There is no rhyme or reason on Princess unless you are on a casino cruise.

Yup. Don't count on free drinks in the casino. I have the same free cruise from Sands/venetian coming up. My guess is that no one in casino will even have a clue I am there because of my gambling habits.

Maybe once you earn at least a few thousand points, but it's not the norm. One time, a casino host bought my in-laws, DH, and I each a drink, but it was just to celebrate my mom-in-law's birthday and because we were some of the only people in the casino that cruise. Another cruise, they offered a promo where you earned a free drink of choice every few hundred points. They seem to periodically test incentives.

My DH on a Princess Cruise in Nov, 2016. Must admit I do spend a great deal of time in the Casino. This was a 19 day cruise. On the first night after playing for a few hours I inquired about the VIP, Club 21 and if I could get a drink and was told that they don't do that here. (My previous cruise was on Holland, Club 21 ---free drinks)

This is all done in a grand attempt to fill the ships to capacity. Often cruise lines are successful in filling their ships. As a result, sometimes there simply are no available balcony rooms to offer when the cruise ship is sailing away. So in many instances, these balcony staterooms may be completely occupied. Hence a cabin upgrade on a cruise is just not possible, whether free or paid.

Other times you can find inside cabins, outside cabins, and balcony staterooms all at the exact same price. Of course, you choose the balcony! This is another way cruise lines use promotions to offer free balcony upgrades.

One of our favorite travel rewards credit cards is the Capital One Venture Card in which you get 2% cash back miles on all purchases to use towards any travel expenses. This includes cruise expenses and you can redeem them to get free balcony upgrades! 041b061a72


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