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(Dub) 119 : Realm Of The Abyss

A stormy night descends upon Cloud Tower. The Trix try to unlock the power of the ring, but are unsuccessful. The ring plunks down near Icy. All three regain consciousness.Darcy: "That was pathetic."Stormy: "Yeah, that was the fourteenth power spell we've tried."Darcy: "I'm wiped."Knut emerges from the wardrobe.Knut: "What's going on?"Stormy: "Turn right around and go right back to sleep. Close your eyes and pretend your devouring a herd of sheep."Knut becomes drowsy.Knut: "(Yawn) Good night. I'm going to bed."Icy: "What are we missing?! Why can't we use the ring's full power?!Darcy! Did you do a realm wide search for all the jewelery spells that exist?!"Darcy: "Yes, I got everything that was listed on the Witch Wide Web."Stormy: "Unlocking the power of the Great Dragon is gonna take more than a spell or incantation. It's gonna take something inspired."Icy: "Like what?! Why don't you make yourself useful for once and figure it out before I turn you into a puppy! I *Grrrr* And you! I dare you to keep defying me, you second rate ring!!!"

(Dub) 119 : Realm of the Abyss


Musa made a wart appear on Icy's face.Icy: "You're not in the Harmonic realm anymore, princess. And your daddy and his hip hop palace guards aren't here to protect you anymore."Musa: "Complexion smear, warts adhere!" makes a wart form on Icy's face "It worked!"Icy: "How dare you! My flawless face!"Stormy: "Wow this must be the single most disgusting wart I've ever seen."Icy: "Nobody asked you!"

Saladine: "It sounds like you're suggesting that Icy, Darcy and Stormy are descendants of the original Coven."Miss Faragonda: "Well, that's what they told Bloom when they ambushed her in Gardenia, and took the Dragon Fire from her. It would explain their motive, and it would also explain their tremendous power."Cortatorta: "But as we all know, the descenants of the Coven were banned from the schools of Magix for eternity, and no headmistress is permitted to override this rule."Miss Griffin: "I hope you're not implying that I knowingly admitted those--"Miss Faragonda: "No one is implying anything."Miss Griffin: "I certainly hope not. Their admission scrolls claimed they were from the realm of Miran, and yet I wondered why their parents never came to conference week."A monster shrieks.Cortatorta: "Sounds like they're here."

Icy: "(HRGH!) Those losers actually defeated that wave of attacks?!"Stormy: "HOW DARE THEY!"Darcy: "Look at them. (All three growl) They probably think they've won."Stormy: "As if."Icy: "I am sick of this game, it's not fun anymore."Stormy: "We have to stop sitting back and just watching."Darcy: "Seriously, time to get our hands dirty, let's get in there and bust out the full power of the Dragon Fire."Icy: "Get your fighting boots on girls, cause tomorrow we're going into battle. The walls of Alfea will crumble beneath our very hands, and we won't stop fighting until every cutesy pixie and traitorus witch is wiped off the face of the realm for good."

Miss Griffin: "I should never have let those three witches into Cloud Tower. I should have known that those were fake transscripts but they fooled me."Miss Faragonda: "It's not your fault."Miss Griffin: "Perhaps the time has come for me to retire. I always wanted to open a bed and breakfast in my home realm."Miss Faragonda: "Listen, I may not agree with everything you teach at Cloud Tower, but I do know you're the best in your field. You can't quit Griffy."Miss Griffin: "Well, the truth is I really love my job. I do. Perhaps I just need to upgrade campus security and re-evaluate the admission's process."Professor Saladine: "I just heard that the council has pledged funds to restore Red Fountain."Miss Faragonda: "That's great."

Bloom: "I won't getting married until I'm 30."Stella: "That's old."Sky: "There's a realm in the eastern magical dimension, where the concept of marriage doesn't even exist."Layla: "I don't see why people need marriage. I'm not getting married. How about you?"Sky: "Oh, I don't know."Bloom: "I always thought royalty had to get married, you know, kind of like a requirement."Stella: "I'm going to get married when I'm 25, and Vera Wand will design my wedding dress. The whole kingdom of Solaria will be invited. Bloom and Layla, you'll be two of my bridesmaids."Layla: "Oh, thats great."

Photographs of representative sediment habitats in the dark ocean. (A) Surficial sediment from a methane seep in the Black Sea. (B) Mats of sulfur-oxidizing Beggiatoa on the sediment surface of the Northwestern Black Sea shelf. (C) Pacific Ocean abyssal plain sediment surface. (D) Compilation of deep sediment layers cored at Hole 1231 (Peru Margin) during Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 201. (Panel A courtesy of T. Treude, IfM Geomar, Kiel, Germany; panel B courtesy of K. Hissmann, JAGO-Team/IfM Geomar, Kiel, Germany; panel C was reprinted with permission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute [courtesy of Ken Smith].)

The open ocean beyond the continental margins is characterized by low primary production in surface waters, leading to very little input of organic matter to the sediments below. Correspondingly, microbial cell densities and rates of carbon remineralization are also low, on average, in sediments underlying the open ocean (Table 3) (e.g., see references 86, 119, 121, and 256). Due to the low carbon remineralization rates in the abyssal plains, oxygen is consumed slowly and can diffuse centimeters to meters into sediments (121, 462). Therefore, open ocean sediments are generally characterized by relatively high oxygen content, with oxygen thus being the dominant terminal electron acceptor for remineralization. The concentrations of other electron acceptors, such as nitrate and sulfate, show little variance with depth.

Less is known about eukaryotic microbial ecology in marine sediments, although it is important to understand sediment eukaryotes because of their impact on the breakdown of organic carbon. Initial studies of near-surface hydrothermal sediments indicated that many sediment eukaryotes cluster into deeply branching groups within the eukaryotic lineage (129, 333, 485). Furthermore, the phylogeny of sediment eukaryotes suggests that they may be adapted for life in microaerophilic and/or anaerobic sediments. Eukaryotic DNA was not recovered below 3 cm of depth in hydrothermal sediments from the Guaymas Basin, although bacteria and archaea were detected at >20 cm of depth in the same sediments, indicating that eukaryotes may have a smaller range of habitability than prokaryotes (129). At another hydrothermal site, sediment eukaryotic communities were more diverse than communities hosted in the hydrothermal fluids or seawater, with the sedimentary eukaryotic community containing unique Alveolates and Kinetoplastids, flagellated protists that are commonly parasitic (333). A recent survey of oxygenated sediments from the abyssal plains also found an abundance of Alveaolata, Euglenozoa, Heterokonta, and Rhizaria, and again, many of their closest relatives have parasitic lifestyles (485). Furthermore, diversity analysis revealed a highly diverse population of microbial eukaryotes in marine sediments (485), indicating that more efforts are needed to understand the factors controlling eukaryote diversity and function in sediments.

Yami traveled to the Stone Wilderness, where spirits both good and evil roam, in the hopes of contacting Yugi. He managed to find Yugi and apologized for what happened. Without Yugi, Yami said the darkness inside him is starting to grow. He was afraid that Rafael might be right that he is evil and feared getting his memories (This maybe false because, he was manipulated easily by Rafael's words to be a lie from Dartz only to get his soul or being influenced by the Orichalcos itself). Yugi reminded Yami that he has been locked away. Yami tried apologizing again, but Yugi said that he didn't want his pity. Yugi asked if Yami only came here to demoralize himself. (In the dub, he said if Yami truly is evil, there's only one thing to do.) A Duel Disk appeared on Yugi's arm and he challenged Yami to a Duel. Yugi knew that he would have to Duel Yami sooner or later and if Yami's heart has become dark or engulfed in the darkest abyss, Yami shall lose. (In the dub, Yugi said that Yami doesn't deserve to be a part of this world and must pay for what he has done.) Yami reluctantly accepted the Duel.[119]

Both Yugi's drew the same cards in the same order, so Yugi used "Sangan" to shuffle his Deck and "Card Destruction" to reset their hands. Yami stated that the Duel was meaningless. However Yugi explained that Yami's weakness is the darkness in his heart, he is arrogant and warped by his sense of pride. With only one value, it's impossible for Yami to see other people's pain. (This explanation is removed from the dub.) Since he was a mirror reflecting Yami's dark side, Yugi had "The Seal of Orichalcos" in his Deck. Yugi used it and proceeded to use the same strategy Yami used against Rafael, sacrificing his monsters to win. Yami realized that this is what he looked like in the Duel against Rafael warped by his own psychological disruption and descends into his own darkest abyss. He refused to lose, as it would prevent him from saving Yugi and two worlds will eventually be destroyed. But, Yugi only sees Yami, who never cared about anyone's suffering because his pride got in the way and proceeds with monster sacrifice that it is thanks to Yami's recklessness that he can use this strategy to exact his own vengeance. He managed to counter Yugi's strategy with "Divine Wind" and win. Yugi was pleased that Yami won and said that in defeating him, Yami defeated the darkness in his heart and Orichalcos influence that corrupted him meaning that Yugi planned this all along and was never under the influence of the evil card. Before disappearing again, he urged Yami not to give up and said that he will always be with him.[119] 041b061a72


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