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We Buy Houses Postcard Template

To create a, We Buy Houses postcard is simple using our postcard template that supports customization and automates personalization. Simply pick a postcard template from the Postalytics free postcard templates, and change the text, images, or logo using the postcard editor. Next, use a list of contacts from your CRM program to target residents in the neighborhood where you want to find new properties to buy.

we buy houses postcard template

Postalytics has a library of instant free templates you can use for We Buy Houses postcards that you can use right away. You can edit and design cards from your phone or laptop using our intuitive design tools.

With Postalytics Direct Mail Editor, you can create a postcard from scratch and customize the font or color of your postcard with ease. Upload images of investment properties you have bought, seller testimonials, or include material you have designed offline.

One of the best ways to build a connection is to personalize your real estate marketing postcards. Automated postcard personalization can enable you to add any variable in your CRM, such as greeting a person by their first name.

You can cut your postage costs for We Buy Houses campaigns using our postcard templates. Choosing the 4.256 inch postcard size template gives you automatic savings and first-class postage, so cheap real estate postcards are finally a reality.

Add QR codes or pURLs (personalized URLs) to your postcard using our easy-to-use tools to point people to your website where they can find more information about your real estate portfolio or services. In addition, our online response tracking tools monitor engagement.

Once your prospects have received the outreach postcard, what next? Send them a follow-up real estate letter introducing yourself and mentioning your credentials. Automated direct mail triggered drip campaigns make this possible to keep the conversation going.

These Real Estate Investor postcards are full color postcards that can be customized with your information. They are printed on thick, glossy, postcard stock. Price is for sample pack of postcards including postage. Limit one per address.

Direct mail postcards are a proven real estate marketing tool. At PostcardMania, we've helped more than 3,862 real estate professionals sell more homes using postcard campaigns that have ALREADY WORKED for our real estate clients.

If you're looking for real estate investment marketing ideas, you're in the right place! You can use any of these postcard designs for your business or customize them with your own logo and copy - or we can design one from scratch.

Looking for an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailer to an entire neighborhood? We can help you with that including delivery to your local USPS post office. You will have your choice of EDDM Sizes and templates.

Direct mailers, such as real estate postcards, are an extremely effective means of marketing and lead generation. Postcards can make a meaningful introduction, turn cold leads warm, advertise properties, invite residents of your farming area to open houses, and build rapport with your sphere of influence.

Pro tip: Circle prospecting (marketing to homes surrounding your existing listings and past sales) is a great place to use the just-listed postcard. This technique gets more efficient over time, but only if you are consistent. The more neighbors hear about your success, the higher your return rate will be on each communication.

The top priority is your contact information: at a minimum, your name and phone number. Many states have specific requirements for what must appear on postcards, such as a return address for unsolicited mail pieces, and in the case of real estate-related marketing, brokerage information, location, and license numbers.

If you use a full-service provider, like ProspectsPLUS!, the pricing is higher, but they do all of the printing and mailing for you, and even send out multiple mailers for a marketing drip campaign. With ProspectsPLUS!, standard postcards mailed first class cost between 71 cents and 93 cents per card.

Some great ideas for postcard types. If you want to send flat or folder card versions of these that go into envelopes (with handwritten addresses and messages) you might want to try It lets you automate the process by integrating it with your CRM or other software or apps. Or we can help you with one-off projects and custom cards. You can contact us for more info via the contact form at Or go to to get a free sample.

A really good online real estate presentation template can be spotted as early as the front cover. This template falls in the same category, its cover hinting at a professional design, with branding elements mirroring a business. Flipsnack offers this template as part of a complete kit: real estate business proposal, invoice and scope of work templates. Add interactive elements to this free real estate presentation design idea, from videos to lead forms for demos. Get inspiration from the content included, thus making sure you don\u2019t leave any important information out. Overlap pictures to create dimension, play around with shapes and lines until you reach the desired layout. Once you\u2019re happy with the template, share it privately with your potential clients or by using the full-view link sent to specific people.","height":793,"id":4712,"imageAlt":"Free Real Estate Presentation Design Idea","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"This editable real estate presentation template is the way to go when looking to design a professional, interactive template. Give Flipsnack a try today!","metaTitle":"Editable Real Estate Presentation Template","pagesCount":28,"ratio":"0.71","tags":[],"title":"Online Real Estate Presentation Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"real-estate-business-presentation-template","width":1123},"categories":["name":"Business proposals","id":194,"isMainCategory":true],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-10-18 06:36:20","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-07 13:07:00","description":"There are a lot of details that go into an online real estate business proposal template. It can get overwhelming, especially if you\u2019re creating it for the first time. Take a moment to analyze the content in this particular template, which is part of a real estate kit and the design process behind this professional layout. When entering the Design Studio, you will also find the other materials, part of the same real estate kit. Search for a real estate presentation template, real estate invoice, real estate scope of work and complete your corporate documents. Going back to our template, you can start customizing it with your brand kit, and include interactive elements. Some examples would be links to your website, forms for other questions and spotlight effects for case studies. Once you\u2019re done, choose one of the sharing options and move on to the next document from this kit.","height":1123,"id":4703,"imageAlt":"Digital Real Estate Business Proposal Idea","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Pitch your business more effectively by using this editable real estate business proposal template. Add brand kit, tables and share it with your prospects!","metaTitle":"Editable Real Estate Business Proposal Template","pagesCount":24,"ratio":"1.41","tags":[],"title":"Online Real Estate Business Proposal Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"real-estate-business-proposal-template","width":794,"categories":["name":"Brochures","id":4,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":94,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2020-06-03 13:59:21","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-10 13:27:39","description":"In the real estate business, visuals mean everything. That\u2019s why this property brochure template works so well. It has everything you need to get the job done, plus a little extra flare. Add all the important details about the property, throw some high quality images in there, and send it to any potential clients. It really is that easy. Take your property sales to the next level with this property brochure template today.","height":1123,"id":3460,"imageAlt":"Customizable Property Brochure Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Customize this real estate property brochure with just a few clicks using our online editor. Share online or download it for print!","metaTitle":"Customizable Property Brochure Template","pagesCount":6,"ratio":"1.41","tags":["real estate property brochure","real estate","property","brochure","online","free","realtor"],"title":"Real Estate Property Brochure Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"property-brochure-template","width":794,"categories":["name":"Flyers","id":11,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":72,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-08-09 13:00:07","dateLastUpdated":"2023-01-30 13:04:38","description":"It\u2019s never been easier to collaborate with your teammates on creating a real estate flyer, suitable for your target audience. You can assign different roles to each of them, thus avoiding chaos and misunderstandings. Enter Flipsnack to find out more about this feature. Take a look at this commercial real estate flyer design example and notice how the chosen elements help tie the layout together. Keep the front cover relatively clean, while including the property features on the back cover. Most importantly, add contact details at the bottom of the page, so the people who are interested know how to reach you, as an agent. When everything looks ready, download this commercial real estate flyer template and share it privately with your potential clients or using the full-view link.","height":865,"id":4633,"imageAlt":"Commercial Real Estate Flyer Design Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Take advantage of Flipsnack\u2019s editable commercial real estate flyer template and by using it within your company. Try it out to boost sales!","metaTitle":"Editable Commercial Real Estate Flyer Template","pagesCount":2,"ratio":"2.08","tags":[],"title":"Commercial Real Estate Flyer Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"commercial-real-estate-flyer-template","width":416,"categories":["name":"Flyers","id":11,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":72,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-08-09 08:24:26","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-03 08:56:51","description":"Get yourself noticed in the real estate world by taking advantage of this printable real estate flyer example from Flipsnack. It\u2019s free and easy to use! Just drag and drop it into our Design Studio and let the creative process begin! Browse our extensive stock library and choose from the wide range of colors and fonts to add extra creativity to your layout. Do not forget to upload high-quality photos that best highlight your property. Once you are happy with the final result, download it as a print-ready PDF and take it straight to your local print shop. Get started!","height":1056,"id":4624,"imageAlt":"Free Online Real Estate Flyer Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Promote your latest property with the help of this editable real estate flyer example. Sign up to Flipsnack and get started!","metaTitle":"Printable Real Estate Flyer Example","pagesCount":2,"ratio":"1.29","tags":[],"title":"Editable Real Estate Flyer Example","type":"flipsnack","url":"real-estate-flyer-example","width":816,"categories":["name":"Brochures","id":4,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":94,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-05-18 11:00:44","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-10 11:02:57","description":"Make your real estate promotional material look professional and stylish just like this property real estate brochure template by Flipsnack. Featuring a visually appealing layout filled with high- quality photos, this brochure has the potential to attract many clients. Start customizing it with the help of our complex editing tools. Add some photos or select a new one from our stock image gallery, fill the text boxes with relevant information about your properties and add some eye-catching icons. When you are done you can easily publish a shareable view link to your clients.","height":793,"id":4328,"imageAlt":"Interactive Property Real Estate Brochure Design","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Turn to Flipsnack to create an interactive property real estate brochure template. It\u2019s fun and easy to use. Check it out!","metaTitle":"Interactive Property Real Estate Brochure Template","pagesCount":10,"ratio":"1.00","tags":[],"title":"Property Real Estate Brochure Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"interactive-property-real-estate-brochure-template","width":793,"categories":["name":"Flyers","id":11,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":72,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-08-09 08:53:34","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-06 12:56:20","description":"Use this customizable real estate flyer design template and offer your real estate company the presentation it deserves. This modern and eye-catching design helps you integrate all the essential info about your properties. Because it is fully customizable, you are able to upload any descriptive photos. Make sure that they are taken in a high-quality format. This way, you will obtain a professional look. For a unique look, tweak the fonts and colors or browse through our library for more graphic elements, such as vector images and illustrations. Try it now!","height":1056,"id":4628,"imageAlt":"Free Real Estate Flyer Design Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Leave a lasting impression to your potential clients with this real estate flyer design template from Flipsnack. Get started now!","metaTitle":"Customizable Real Estate Flyer Design Template","pagesCount":2,"ratio":"1.29","tags":[],"title":"Real Estate Flyer Design Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"real-estate-flyer-design","width":816,"categories":["name":"Brochures","id":4,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":94,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-05-19 07:37:40","dateLastUpdated":"2023-01-26 12:23:32","description":"Complement your property listing by using this customizable luxury real estate brochure template. It\u2019s easy and fun to use. Drag and drop it in our Design Studio and start to customize it. Fill the text boxes with relevant information such as: location, living area, newest properties and more. If you want to go deeper and personalize your content feel free to add any section you might find useful. Furthermore, take advantage of our interactive features and add a virtual tour and a map with the location.Try it now!","height":1123,"id":4341,"imageAlt":"Luxury Real Estate Brochure Design Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Create a real estate brochure that impresses buyers and sellers with the help of this luxury real estate brochure template. Check it out!","metaTitle":"Customizable Luxury Real Estate Brochure Template","pagesCount":10,"ratio":"1.41","tags":[],"title":"Luxury Real Estate Brochure Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"luxury-real-estate-brochure-template","width":794,"categories":["name":"Brochures","id":4,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":94,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-05-18 10:52:33","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-06 09:58:56","description":"With so many real estate brochures created daily, it\u2019s difficult to stand out with yours. Flipsnack comes to your aid and makes available for you this single property real estate brochure design. Don\u2019t neglect the front cover, but make sure to upload your own overview picture of the listing. High-quality images are mandatory since your potential clients want to see as much of the place as possible. In this sense, notice the multiple elements of interactivity, such as embedding short videos and virtual tours to your brochure. You can even add product tags, where you can include a link to it and the price. Start creating your single property real estate brochure design sample and share it within your company!","height":1056,"id":4323,"imageAlt":"Single Property Real Estate Brochure Design Sample","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"Create stunning brochures using this single property real estate brochure design template. Learn how to include interactive elements in Flipsnack.","metaTitle":"Single Property Real Estate Brochure Design Template","pagesCount":10,"ratio":"1.29","tags":[],"title":"Single Property Real Estate Brochure Design","type":"flipsnack","url":"single-property-real-estate-brochure-design","width":816,"categories":["name":"Brochures","id":4,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Real Estate","id":94,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2019-07-01 12:43:41","dateLastUpdated":"2023-01-20 14:02:04","description":"A well designed real estate business flyer can establish your business in the best way possible. Easily customizable, this flyer is perfect to showcase the best features of the houses you have for sale. Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to be your own graphic designer and with a simple drag and drop editor. Sign up today to try it out!","height":865,"id":2471,"imageAlt":"House for Sale - Real Estate Brochure Example","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"A well designed real estate business flyer can establish your business in the best way possible. Sign up today to try it out!","metaTitle":"House for Sale - Real Estate Brochure Template","pagesCount":6,"ratio":"2.08","tags":["house","for","sale","real","estate","brochure","elegant","luxury",""],"title":"House for Sale - Real Estate Brochure Template","type":"flipsnack","url":"house-for-sale-brochure-template","width":416,"categories":["name":"Magazines","id":1,"isMainCategory":true,"name":"Business","id":108,"isMainCategory":false],"content":[],"dateAdded":"2021-11-12 08:21:38","dateLastUpdated":"2023-02-03 08:19:31","description":"Nothing says \u201ceffective engagement\u201d like this interactive real estate magazine template. Browse through it and notice the spotlight effects, which help keep the design clean, the go-to-page buttons, for easier navigation and product tags for suggested decorations. Use our magazine maker to take your publication to the next level, while also staying ahead of the competition simply by uploading your PDF and making it interactive using our Design Studio. Include your own high-resolution pictures, links for useful resources and videos on relevant topics, sought after by your readers. When everything looks ready to be shared, send this magazine using the full-view link via email or embed part of it on your website, to attract new subscribers. Keep in mind that you can easily collaborate with other team members to create a real estate magazine design, in line with your values and goals.","height":1123,"id":4726,"imageAlt":"Digital Real Estate Magazine Design","isActive":true,"isFeatured":false,"isIndexed":true,"isText":false,"language":"en","metaDescription":"This editable real estate magazine template is available in our Design Studio. Add, remove or replace any elements until you reach the desired magazine!","metaTitle":"


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