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the death note manga was adapted into the third season of the popular death note anime, which continues the story about the death note with some characters killed off in the manga. its release date was announced in japan on september 7, 2015, and it aired on tbs on october 12. the anime is directed by takeshi koike, and it features a different story from the death note manga and anime, covering light and his friends, instead of only the events from the death note. ryuk, a shinigami who created the death note for the sole purpose of controlling humans, is shown to be truly evil and selfish, hiding in an underground cave. the second kira, a, appears, and steals the death note. she's not the same kira from the anime, but a new kira appearing soon before the events of the anime.

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tsukuru, as a sixth-year student at a prestigious university, is an average high school student with a quiet and socially awkward personality. one day, a young woman whom he meets later becomes his classmate, and, as his research into potential clues from her notebook leads him to the investigation of a murder case, tsukuru finds himself drawn in. as the search continues, tsukuru soon finds himself facing several conflicts, but ultimately the resolution of these conflicts is right there in front of him. [4]

on the other hand, seventeen-year-old light yagami is a typical delinquent boy; he helps his father in running a criminal organization, aizawa line. following the death of his mother, he takes on the position as the head of his family after his father's arrest. in pursuit of his father's freedom, he stumbles upon the death note, a notebook containing the name of every person "willing" to die in exchange for the executioner's sentence. after introducing death note to his social friends, light becomes the first and only person to refer to himself as a god.


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