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Victoria 2 Pop Demand Mod Crash

Here's how I fixed it. I went into the folder where the paradox save games are saved. I deleted the entire victoria 2 save game folder. Then I restarted the game without the PDM mod. Then I exited and started the game with the PDM mod. Problem solved.

victoria 2 pop demand mod crash

Download Zip:

I can't get it to run. It keeps crashing when it's on "Processing Flags." I've reinstalled Victoria II three times, and I made sure it's on 3.03. I've cleared the map cache every time as well. What do I do now?

hi there, i've downloaded the mod and been having the same flag processing crashes. Can you just re explain it step by step. I delete what ever is inside the map cache file and delete the whole flag file. It still doesn't work. Please help me

Hello! I have crash problems with PDM, and with your mod also due to the new version 3.04. Since it was some time I didn't play Vic II when I found theese problems I uninstalled my steam version and re-install. Then understood the problem: 3.04. Now, how can I use 3.03 version? If I go in Steam to Vic II - properties - updates I can't select anything (...damned updates! ...) Thanks!


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