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Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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Save The Last Dance 2 Ep...

Matt arrives, flustered, at Caroline's house and meets Sheriff Forbes. He explains that he is worried about lying to Caroline, who wants to go to the school's 1960s dance with him. Sheriff Forbes begs him to pretend he doesn't know anything. She explains that she needs time to come to terms with what she has just found out. Matt reluctantly agrees. At school, Elena finds a poster for the 60s dance but Stefan shakes his head. She shows it to Bonnie, who nods and smiles. Klaus arrives to take the lesson, which is about the 1960s. He spots Elena, who corrects him when he claims Watergate was in the 1960s. Meanwhile, Caroline is preparing for the dance when Matt arrives and kisses her, agreeing to take her to the event. At lunch, Bonnie bans Jeremy from telling Elena that killing Klaus would kill her as well. She insists that she will go through with it. Elena arrives and Jeremy storms off angrily. Elena's friend Dana arrives and reveals that a "hot guy" has just asked her if Elena is going to the dance. She reveals that his name is Klaus. Elena and Bonnie are shocked and Bonnie asks if Klaus is in the room. Dana says she doesn't know and Bonnie realizes that she is compelled. Dana explains that Klaus wants Elena to save him the last dance.

Save the Last Dance 2 Ep...

At the dance, Klaus arrives and looks across the room. He meets Dana and asks her date, Chad, if he would like to earn "a little extra credit". Outside, Jeremy hands Bonnie his ring to protect her, but Bonnie points out that it won't work because she is supernatural herself. She tells him that the witches' warning doesn't mean she will die. Jeremy points out that he doesn't have much luck with girlfriends, but Bonnie tells him that she feels strong and can do this. Damon appears, followed by Elena and Stefan. They head inside, but are shocked when Dana reads out a shout out - for Elena from Klaus. Elena worries that she knows everyone here and Damon suggests that Klaus might just want them to think he's at the dance. He tells everyone to blend in and goes to see Alaric - or Klaus. Klaus claims that the shout out was a "little twisted", but Damon dismisses it and Klaus appears surprised. Meanwhile, Elena sees Caroline arrive and wants to warn her. Stefan offers to do it and hands Elena over to Damon. Elena and Damon dance together, and Stefan goes to update Caroline. Later, Damon finds Bonnie and reveals that he heard her talking to Jeremy. As they dance, Bonnie confirms that she could die, but would sacrifice herself for Elena. She tells him not to tell Elena and Damon agrees. He asks if there's any way for Bonnie to improve her chances of survival and she jokes that she might start to think he cares if he's not careful. Meanwhile, Elena wonders what Bonnie and Damon are talking about, but Jeremy storms off. Stefan follows him and Jeremy admits that Bonnie could die. He admits that he doesn't know what to do because he wants to save Elena as well. Stefan tells Elena and goes to see Damon, accusing him of keeping secrets. Meanwhile, Elena pulls Bonnie outside and refuses to let her sacrifice herself. However, Bonnie points out that Elena would also do it for her.

Payson and Heather enlist the girls help when it looks like the Taft High prom is going down the tubes. Happy to help, the girls are thrilled with the opportunity to be regular teenage girls for the night. Lauren invites Razor and Carter to come along, and continues with her detective work to find out who her father is dating. Meanwhile, Payson's parents meet with a doctor who claims she can fix Payson's back injury with an experimental procedure, and struggle on whether or not they should tell their daughter about it, when she is finally doing so well. Heather's band for prom unexpectedly cancels, and Payson saves the day by enlisting the Shelter Pups to play. In the meantime, Carter helps Kaylie improve her strength to master an Arabian, and with his aid, she ends up executing it. At the night of the prom, Carter asks Kaylie to dance and is rejected, but later sees her dancing with another boy. He steps in and tells her that he loves her, but if she will not forgive him, he needs to move on. To everyone's surprise, Ike shows up at the prom in a tuxedo to apologize to Payson, and the two share a dance. Emily shows up in a dress Lauren had thought her father had bought for her, and Lauren slowly comes to the conclusion that her father was seeing Chloe Kmetko. Emily is distraught when she sees Damon's band playing at the prom, and Razor asks her to dance. Upset, Damon declares to the crowd that he will sing a song he wrote for Emily, but ends up panicking and runs off the stage. Emily chases after him into the parking lot, and Damon explains to her why he turned up in jail and that he wanted to prove himself worthy for her by making a song for her. Emily tells him that just being there for her was more important than any song, and Damon decides that he doesn't deserve her, taking off. Razor comes and tells Emily that he knows that Damon loves her, and that she loves him too. He decides that he and Emily will just be friends, and leaves Emily crying in the parking lot. After the prom, Carter visits Lauren's house to pack his things, and she reveals to him her desire to feel wanted. Carter turns on the music and asks her to dance with him. Meanwhile, Kaylie deletes a photo of Carter and herself from her phone, symbolizing that she is over him. When Payson returns home, her parents finally decide to tell her the truth about the back procedure. 041b061a72


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