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Customize Your Roblox with Mystic Messenger Style

Mystic Messenger is a mobile otome game that features an entirely new format of the gaming genre. Compared to the traditional visual novel format of other otome games, the majority of Mystic Messengers narrative is told through a mixture of messages, calls, and a visual novel.

The game is developed by Cheritz, a South Korean company that specializes in creating story-based games for female audiences. The game was released in 2016 and has since gained a huge fanbase worldwide. The game is available in Korean, English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

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The game revolves around a female protagonist who downloads a mysterious app that leads her into living in either a closed, secured apartment owned by Rika, the founder of a charity organization known as the RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association), or the Mint Eye HQ. She meets the remaining members of the RFA and is tasked to organize a party by inviting guests. In Another Story, Unknown tricks the protagonist into playing the game and brings you to Mint Eye, keeping you by his side. The protagonist is able to choose one out of seven available routes, each with their own backgrounds, as well as finding out the truth behind the RFA.

Main body How to download and play Mystic Messenger on PC or mobile devices?

Mystic Messenger is primarily designed for mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. You can download the game for free from Google Play Store or App Store. However, if you prefer to play on PC, you can also use an emulator such as MuMu Player or BlueStacks to run the game on your computer.

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To play Mystic Messenger on PC, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install MuMu Player or BlueStacks on your PC.

  • Start MuMu Player or BlueStacks and complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store.

  • Search Mystic Messenger in App center.

  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Mystic Messenger.

  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch it.

How to choose a character route and get different endings?

Mystic Messenger has three story modes: Casual, Deep, and Another. Each story mode has different characters that you can romance. Casual mode has Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee; Deep mode has Jumin and 707; Another mode has V and Ray. You need to unlock Deep mode for 80 HG (hourglasses) and Another mode for 300 HG.

The first four days of the game are common for all routes, but on Day 5, you will enter a specific character's route based on your choices and interactions with them. Each route has multiple endings: Bad Ends (fail states), one Normal End, one Good End, one After End (epilogue), one Secret End (bonus), and one Valentine's Day End (DLC).

To get different endings, you need to pay attention to these factors:

  • Your participation rate in chat rooms. You should aim to join at least 50% of the chat rooms per day, and more if you want to get the Good End.

  • Your choices in chat rooms, phone calls, and messages. You should choose the options that show interest, support, and affection for the character you are pursuing, and avoid the ones that are rude, indifferent, or contradict their personality or beliefs.

  • Your email responses to potential guests. You should reply to the emails you receive from various people who are interested in attending the RFA party. You need to answer correctly to three questions from each guest to successfully invite them. You need to invite at least 10 guests to get the Good End.

How to participate in chat rooms, phone calls, and messages?

Chat rooms are the main feature of Mystic Messenger, where you can interact with the characters and influence the story. Chat rooms are scheduled at specific times throughout the day, and you will receive notifications when they are available. You can join a chat room by spending 5 HG, or wait until the next one opens.

In chat rooms, you can choose from multiple dialogue options to converse with the characters. Your choices will affect your relationship with them and the route you will enter. You can also use emoticons, stickers, and photos to express yourself. Sometimes, you will also receive phone calls or messages from the characters outside the chat rooms. You can answer or decline phone calls, but you will miss some dialogue and relationship points if you do so. You can reply or ignore messages, but replying will give you more chances to bond with the characters.

How to use email system and invite guests to the party?

Email system is another feature of Mystic Messenger, where you can communicate with potential guests for the RFA party. You will receive emails from various people who are interested in attending the party after certain chat rooms. You need to reply to their emails correctly to persuade them to come.

You can check your email inbox by tapping the envelope icon on the main screen. You will see a list of email addresses that you have received. You can tap on an email address to read and reply to the emails. You need to answer three questions from each guest correctly to get a green confirmation mark, which means they will attend the party. If you answer incorrectly, you will get a yellow warning mark or a red cancel mark, which means they will not attend the party.

You need to invite at least 10 guests to get the Good End for each route. You can check the number of confirmed guests by tapping the guest icon on the main screen. You can also see their profiles and information by tapping on their names.

How to unlock bonus content and collect CGs?

Bonus content is extra material that you can unlock by playing Mystic Messenger. Bonus content includes:

  • After Ends: Epilogues that take place after the Good Ends of each route. You need 20 HG to unlock each After End.

  • Secret Ends: Bonus stories that take place after 707's Good End. They reveal more about the backstory of V and Rika, as well as Unknown's identity. You need 10 HG to unlock each episode of Secret End 1, and 7 HG to unlock each episode of Secret End 2.

  • Valentine's Day Ends: Special episodes that take place on February 14th after the Good Ends of each route. They show more romantic scenes between the protagonist and her chosen character. You need 100 HG to unlock each Valentine's Day End.

  • Christmas DLC: A special story mode that takes place on December 24th. It has two parts: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can choose one out of seven characters to spend Christmas with. You need 100 HG to unlock Christmas DLC.

  • April Fools' DLC: A special story mode that takes place on April 1st. It is a parody of Mystic Messenger, where everything is twisted and hilarious. You can choose one out of seven characters to fool around with. You need 60 HG to unlock April Fools' DLC.

CGs are images that illustrate important or memorable moments in Mystic Messenger. You can collect CGs by playing different routes and endings, as well as unlocking bonus content. You can view your collected CGs in the Album section on the main screen. You can also set them as your wallpaper or save them in your device.

Conclusion Mystic Messenger is a unique and immersive otome game that offers a realistic and engaging experience of romance and friendship. The game has a diverse cast of characters, each with their own personality, backstory, and secrets. The game also has a captivating plot that involves mystery, drama


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