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Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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Buy Anajet Printer

Ricoh DTG provides a complete ecosystem of products designed to offer profitable DTG solutions for every budget and skill level. Every Ricoh DTG printer empowers users to print crisp, high-resolution images in vibrant, eye-popping color. Delight your customers and earn repeat business by creating customized t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, tote bags, and more. The possibilities are endless.

buy anajet printer

The RICOH Ri 1000 offers advanced functionality at an affordable price. Considered the best DTG printer in its class, the RICOH Ri 1000 offers incredible value, versatility, and ease of use with magnetized quick-change platens, largely automated maintenance, and a built-in Interactive Operation Guide.

Contact us to request a deluxe sample print pack and information on pricing, eligibility for special discounts, and how to run your own successful t-shirt business using an award-winning RICOH DTG printer.

Founded in 2006, AnaJet was one of the first companies in the world to mass produce DTG printers. Today, the company is a global market leader in the DTG industry. The majority of AnaJet products available today leverage Ricoh's market-leading inkjet printheads.

EZ AnaJet Compatible Ink Cartridges are compatible with the AnaJet FP-125 and AnaJet SPRINT and MelcoJet printers. They are all new cartridges that are not manufactured, filled, or endorsed by AnaJet or Melco. Cartridges are not for use with the MelcoJet G2.

Not content with announcing just its Latex Print and Cut systems at the ISA Sign Expo last month, at FESPA HP launched two new higher-end Latex units, the Latex 3600 and 3200 printers, two 3.2-meter machines designed for high-production environments producing loads of retail/outdoor advertising, event/exhibition graphics, vehicle graphics, and interior décor. The 3600 is the more productive of the two, capable, the company says, of production peaks of up to 35,000 square meters per month. At the show, HP also announced a flexible signage printing option for the HP Scitex 17000 Press (a corrugated press), as well as HP PrintOS for Latex and Scitex HDR presses. HP also introduced an Advanced Suite for its PageWide XL printers which is said to deliver improved productivity and more versatility via improved loading and alignment algorithms.

Croatian manufacturer Azonprinter debuted its Azon Matrix, a flatbed UV series comprising three sizes (1.9-meter, 2.5-meter, and 3.3-meter) that, the company says, is the only flatbed that can print on objects up to 200mm (7.9 inches) thick. It also comes with the Azon Ritax accessory that allows for printing on cylindrical objects up to 279mm (11 inches) thick. 041b061a72


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