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Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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Improve Your Arabic and Hindi Skills with Quran In Arabic With Hindi Translation 11.pdf

The translation of the Gita shloka given in this article is completely wrong. To understand what is intended to be conveyed, the sanskrit terms in the shkoka need to analysed by understanding the associated philology. This translation is very shabbily done without the due homework.

Quran In Arabic With Hindi Translation 11.pdf

This Author, people like him arise only because of sheer ignorance and a bad habit of generalization of faiths and religion. first of all the holy GITA doesnt fit into this comparision as it is not a book of commandments like the quran and the bible old and the new ,all its verses are the illustration of questioning and reasoning between The Pandav Arjun and The Lord Krishna who was teaching him in a war situation that why he should do his Dharma(Religion and Dharma Not the same ) and go against his cousins The Kaurvas who were actually the opressors. in the end Lord Krsna states that now Arjuna is on his own and he should do whatever he feels like from now on as there is no boundation upon him.. Lord krishna is with him.moreover comparision of THE QURAN, AND THE BIBLE(OLD AND THE NEW TESTAMENT) is also absurd because these are the abrahamic faiths started with judaism(TANAKH AND THE TORAH) AKA OLD TESTAMENT, JESUS WAS BORN A JEW AFTER HIS DEATH AND UPON HIS TEACHINGS MOST OF THE INITIAL STORY UPON OBVIOUSLY TAKEN FROM JUDAISM CHRISTIANITY WAS BORN , AND BORROWING INITIAL STORYLINE AND HISTORY THE QURAN WAS BEING WRITTEN. I MEAN IS THE QURAN , THE BIBLE NEW , THE BIBLE OLD ARE OF THE SAME ORIGIN STORY WITH SOME LITTLE VARIATION. THE WHOLE ARTICLE WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR IS NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF IGNORANCE AND UPON WHICH HE TRIED TO UNDERMINE THE RIGHT OF EXPRESSION IN FRANCE WHICH IS THEIR PERSONAL LAW. BUT YOU WOULD SEE THIS HYPOCRISY OPENL AS NOBODY WOULD DARE GO TO SAUDI AND OTHER ISLAMIC NATIONS AND PROTEST AGAINST THE OPRESSIVE BLASPHEMY LAWS ETC. WHEN COUNTRIES LIKE FRANCE DONT OBJECT TO THIS UNHUMANLY LAWS TO ANY OTHER COUNTRY THEN WHY FRANCE IS FACING SUCH ISSUE WITH VIOLENCE.

Alright, this is just article with certain number of words submitted 2 mins short of deadline. No depth of understanding of current religious and cultural divide. By using wrong translations, you are doing same thing to other religion than you are asking others to avoid for Islam. This is hypocrisy 101 . I do not like propagating Islamophobia as well, but i see your article as exactly something that will not help the cause.


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