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Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

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1,000 acre rangeland pasture grazed seasonlong containing 790 acres of loamy upland, 150 acres of shallow, 50 acres of overflow and 10 acres of wet meadow near Steele, N.D. (MLRA 53B1). Range unit is grazed by mature sheep with lambs.

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The recreational and commercial salmonid fishery are maintained by compensatory stockings, yielding annual catches of about 75 tons, and a river return rate of hatchery fish of about 1%. As a large portion of the stocked smolts does not survive downstream migration to the lake, there has been discussion about the quality of the stocked smolt and about stocking strategies. Based on my studies, producing hatchery smolts more closely resembling wild-born conspecifics should result in reduced loss rates. I suggest changes in the hatchery and stocking procedures to increase the survival of stocked smolts. The results of my research should be applicable to other regulated systems, particularly those with mixed stocks of wild and hatchery salmonid populations.

Small populations of wild-reproducing landlocked salmon and trout Salmo trutta exist in the regulated River Klarälven, Sweden. Since 1930, transportation of adult spawners upstream of eight dams has been done to give the fish access to the spawning grounds. My data indicate that a large proportion of the wild smolts are lost due to multiple dam passages, and future management should include both up- and downstream solutions, ensuring connectivity in the system. The fishery in Klarälven and Lake Vänern is maintained by compensatory stockings, yielding catches of about 75 metric tons and a river return rate of stocked fish of about 1%. I suggest changes in the hatchery and stocking procedures to increase the survival of stocked smolts.

The effects of feed quality and quantity on growth, early male parr maturation and development of smolt characteristics were studied in hatchery reared landlocked Atlantic salmon Salmo salar. A 2x2 factorial design was used, with two levels of feed rations and lipid content of the feed. The fish were reared from first feeding until release in May the second year. At the end of the experiment salmon fed high rations, regardless of lipid content, grew the most, whereas salmon fed low lipid feed with low rations grew the least. In addition, fish fed low lipid feed had lower body lipid levels than fish fed high lipid feed. Fish from all treatments showed some reduction in condition factor (CF) and lipid levels during their second spring. Smolt status was evaluated using both physiological and morphological variables. These results, based on Na+, K+-ATPase (NKA) enzyme activity, saltwater tolerance challenges and visual assessments, were consistent with each other, showing that salmon from all treatments except the treatment in which fish were fed low rations with low lipid content, exhibited characteristics associated with smolting at two-years of age. Smolting was mainly affected by feed rations; fish fed higher rations experienced enhanced smolting. Sexually mature male parr from the high ration, high lipid content treatment were also subjected to saltwater challenge tests, and were found to be unable to regulate plasma sodium levels. Low feed rations noticeably reduced the proportion of sexually mature male parr, while there was no difference related to lipid content of feed. Fish fed low rations with low lipid content exhibited the highest degree of severe fin erosion.

The migratory behaviour of hatchery-reared landlocked Atlantic salmon Salmo salar raised under three different feeding regimes was monitored through the lower part of the River Klarälven, Sweden. The smolts were implanted with acoustic transmitters and released into the River Klarälven, 25 km upstream of the outlet in Lake Vänern. Early mature males, which had matured the previous autumn, were also tagged and released. To monitor migration of the fish, acoustic receivers were deployed along the migratory route. The proportion of S. salar that reached Lake Vänern was significantly greater for fish fed fat-reduced feed than for fish given rations with higher fat content, regardless of ration size. Fish from the early mature male group remained in the river to a greater extent than fish from the three feeding regimes. Smolt status (degree of silvering), as visually assessed, did not differ among the feeding regime groups, and moreover, fully-silvered fish, regardless of feeding regime, migrated faster and had a greater migration success than fish with less developed smolt characteristics. Also, successful migrants had a lower condition factor than unsuccessful ones. These results indicate that the migration success of hatchery-reared S. smolts released to the wild can be enhanced by relatively simple changes in feeding regimes and by matching stocking time with smolt development.

Defendant argues that the statutory rape law (Pen. Code, 261) should not be applied in the case of a previously married female under 18 since Civil Code section 204 terminates parental authority on the marriage of a child, thereby recognizing the child as an adult. Defendant cogently argues that "The purpose of statutory rape laws is to prevent victimization of immaturity" ((1965) 17 Stan.L.Rev. 309, 310; People v. Hernandez (1964) 61 Cal. 2d 529 [39 Cal. Rptr. 361, 393 P.2d 673, 8 A.L.R.3d 1092]), that a previously married person is recognized as mature by section 204 of the Civil Code, and therefore protection of a married minor is outside the purpose of the statutory rape laws. Defendant gives support to his contention that a married minor is recognized as mature by showing that the parent is relieved of support duty on the marriage of his child. (Kamper v. Waldon (1941) 17 Cal. 2d 718, 720 [112 P.2d 1].)

However, it is clear that, although the Legislature has recognized married minors as having capacity to enter into certain transactions, the Legislature has deemed married minors as immature for certain purposes. For example, "It is not ... reasonable to suppose that it was the intent of the Legislature to give them [married minors] the status of adults when they attempt to enter into an unlawful engagement." (Smith v. Superior Court (1960) 187 Cal. App. 2d 609, 611 [10 Cal. Rptr. 1]; see also, People v. Vassar (1962) 207 Cal. App. 2d 318 [24 Cal. Rptr. 481].)

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