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Amnesia: The Dark Descent 160 Custom Story Cheats ((TOP))

Revan's fall to the dark side has been a point of contention between various sources. In Knights of the Old Republic, the Enclave Council and Bastila Shan claim that Revan and Malak began their fall when they started exploring the ruins on Dantooine, and Vrook Lamar believes the pair fell even before the Mandalorian Wars.[14] Chronicles of the Old Republic claims that Revan was heavily influenced by the dark side during the Mandalorian Wars and put in motion his plans to become Sith even then, though the Chronicles are plagued with a number of continuity errors and have been largely overridden by later sources.[86] Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force, a reference guide released in 2007, stated that Revan became Dark Lord of the Sith in 3961 BBY,[19] though the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide stated that Revan assumed the title of Dark Lord in 3960 BBY after discovering the Star Forge.[9] The Old Republic: Revan and The Old Republic clarify much of Revan's history, as the novel reveals that Revan and Malak were corrupted by the Sith Emperor and sent back as advance agents. In The Old Republic, Revan himself states that he was close to the dark side during the Mandalorian Wars, having explored Malachor and Korriban, and The Old Republic: Revan establishes that the two were searching for the Star Forge on the Emperor's behalf but broke free of his control and set out on their own.[16] However, in The Old Republic, Revan claims that the Emperor had reached out to the two Jedi and summoned them to his Empire, a story that conflicts with all other sources.[4]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent 160 Custom Story Cheats

Should the player be a female dark sider who has completed the romance sub-plot with Carth Onasi, Onasi will flee if Revan chooses to accept Shan's offer on Lehon. However, he declares that he will not give up on Revan and that she could still be saved, and he confronts Revan and Shan after Revan defeats Darth Malak. The player must then choose to either kill him or allow Shan to kill him.[14] Five years later, Meetra Surik would discover a message from Onasi within T3-M4, where Onasi has a backup plan in case the increasingly dark-sided Revan betrayed him and the crew.[2] Though it was eventually cut from the final game, the dialogue files for an alternate ending to the female Revan's story can be found in which they can choose to betray Shan after defeating Darth Malak, siding with Onasi and then dying as the Star Forge is destroyed by the Republic.[14]

There's a single 25-mission campaign here that will offer the player the chance to command all of the races at one point or another. The previous games were particularly heavy in terms of story so we can expect the same here. The overall gist of it is that the hero commanders are immortal spirits fighting in an endless battle between light and dark; the whole thing draws on Persian mythology -- Kohan is Farsii for "ancient." Eight-player multiplayer support will be included, as will random map generators and map editors.


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