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Download Free Horse Racing Games For Pc _TOP_

In Rival Stars Horse Racing you are an aspiring jockey and you have been allocated a horse. You must help your horse win races as the first step in getting promoted from Apprentice to Jockey. Youll be jumping over obstacles, racing around race tracks, and competing in races.

download free horse racing games for pc

It is possible to race against other players while earning bonus points for the top three winning places. You can use the two-player mode to race against a friend and complete a realistic racing scenario with realistic racing physics that transmit force to the player when a car hits another car.

The most fun racing experiences can be found in the game where you race against other vehicles and complete all required levels and challenges in a race. The game offers both single-player or multiplayer, and all other vehicles in your fleet are racing against you. Youll have your work cut out for you as these cars are fully customizable.

Take your horse off the track, build speed, collect powerups, steer, and adjust your engine for the fastest race.Immerse yourself in the world of Rival Stars Horse Racing and play all races single-player to the end to earn more points. Achieve a top three finish in races to earn bonuses. Do well enough to move up the career ladder and begin to compete in more challenging events.

Once youre ready to jump into the action, a crew of horse trainers will help you find a racing stable that you can work for. They will advise you how to improve your horse and equip you with the required racing gear, including high-tech tunic, helmet, and racing boots. The greatest equipment is at your disposal, allowing you to customize your own outfit for the race.


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