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Curse Of Isis Download PC Game

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Curse of Isis Download PC Game

Curse is one of those games where saving is done at a particular location or, in this case, a traveling location - in the form of your enigmatic associate, Abdul. When first met, he kindly gives you an initial orientation. You discover that not only can you not carry all of your inventory, but you also have to leave excess pieces with him (or Victoria) and locate him or her if you need to reaccess those items. Further, saving a game can only be done by speaking with Abdul. Now, although this isn't as bad as the old Resident Evil typewriter approach, sometimes Abdul just isn't nearby or readily found when you need him the most, as at the beginning of a fight with a possessed bear! Terminal depletion of health and curse levels (as in losing) then takes you back to your last save (at least 15 are allowed), and a repeat of the steps to that bear confrontation. Of course, now you'll be on the lookout for Abdul, with that ineffective map not being of much use even if you do remember in which room you saw him last.

A good deal of this letdown has to do with the "consolitis" disorder with which Curse is infected. Even though this PC version seems to predate the console releases, it is clear that this is yet another title designed for consoles first, PC second. Although control of the characters is not as problematic as in some console-to-PC conversions (cf. Silent Hill 2 and In Cold Blood), there is still considerable difficulty in precise maneuvering, particularly in the critical fight sequences. There are also too many F keys (as in F4, F5, etc.) to worry about, especially with inventory management. Finally, there is the cursed save game system, reminiscent of the infamous Resident Evil typewriter. In this case, it's usually Abdul, your trusty associate. You either have to find him to save or hope that he shows up nearby. Otherwise, it's repeat the sequence from the last save.

Although not exactly in the same league as other survival horror/action games like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark or Silent Hill, Curse is an enjoyably spooky romp that is marred only by its overly simplistic combat and linearity. It combines a suitably gruesome and creepy atmosphere with an entertaining storyline and some genuinely unsettling moments to good effect, resulting in a cheesy but fun experience. When a mysterious artefact is stolen from the British Museum, you are called in to investigate, find the object, and then return it to its original resting place in Egypt. Of course, it's not going to be that easy, as the artefact is cursed and hordes of zombies, mummies, and other terrifying creatures have now been unleashed and are standing between you and victory. This is an action/adventure game where you can choose to play as either a professor or his assistant, which gives rise to different scenarios along the same route, and explore various environments in third-person while battling against the vicious monsters (which happens in first-person). There are a number of cool weapons to help you out, including shotguns, rifles, and flamethrowers, while there are also puzzles to complete to give the game some variety. Curse is perhaps not a game to take overly seriously but for some over-the-top fun, it certainly delivers the goods. The storyline is silly but never less than entertaining, with some appropriately cheesy dialogue, while the visuals are very atmospheric. The combat is a touch on the basic side but apart from this, Curse is a fun ride.

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The game was first announced by THQ on February 19, 2003, under the working title Sphinx. Touted as a GameCube and PlayStation 2 title,[11] it would ultimately launch on the Xbox, as well.[12] Eurocom developed the game over a period of roughly three years, including time spent creating the title's original engine.[13] The design for Sphinx himself changed greatly over time, from a young child of about six to his final form as a teenager.[14] In creating the two differing styles of gameplay, the developers took inspiration from exploration and puzzle-solving in past games, such as the Zelda series. During development, the role of the cursed mummy, Tutankhamen, increased in prominence.[13] Early Sphinx featured a 70/30 split of play time between Sphinx and Tutankhamen,[14] which was adjusted in the latter's favor in response to positive reactions to the character.[13] In line with this shift, the game's title was changed from the earlier Sphinx and the Shadow of Set to the advertised Sphinx and the Misfortunate Mummy sometime during mid-August and early September, shortly before release.[13][15] The Shadow of Set development title had still been in use when THQ began providing demo discs for the PlayStation 2 version online.[16] It would ultimately be released in November with the finalized title of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. 041b061a72


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