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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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VHS - Nothing But U

All of these different upcycling projects allow you to use every part of the VHS so nothing becomes waste. All that is needed is a little time and creativity to complete any one of these projects. These projects and your commitment will prevent a lot of VHS tapes from becoming waste.

VHS - Nothing But U

Thanks for the reply. I have tried the "reset" options and nothing helps. It won't go into Standby and the Stop/Channel Up makes no difference. I do understand the F60 error is generally related to the video processing board, but I have found no reference to which board that is in the DMR-ES40V unit. There are two large PCBs and two small ones. ???

After dying and realizing her friends had covered up her death, Sarah went mad and obsessively swore revenge against her friends for what they did to her. Becoming filled with nothing but animosity and hatred, Sarah would be driven completely insane and go off the deep end, commencing on a killing spree thirty years after her death to finally take revenge against her ex-friends. Sarah feels nothing but hatred for her friends and wishes to plunge them into an endless virtual world for suffer for all eternity, the same way she suffered for the past three decades alone and afraid. Being driven by an indescribable, everlasting, burning rage and hatred towards her friends, although she does occasionally show leniency towards them, likely based on which ones hurt her the most. Regardless, she hates all of her ex-friends and only seeks to torture them for eternity. Her rage is so prevalent that she will go as far as to kill Luther's son just to spite him. It's likely this stems from less than her own death, and more anger at what her death did to her parents, sister, and girlfriend Lily, as she describes to Luther once she kills him and pulls his soul into her digital realm, in addition to offense that they all moved on and had families despite their deed, while her family suffered.

However, while the circumstances leading to Sarah's death are objectively tragic and sympathetic, it doesn't excuse her actions, especially her actions after getting her revenge, with Luther practically calling her actions way worse than what was done to her. She explains that her crusade was her "doing what was right" and that she was achieving justice against her friends for taking her away from her family, despite doing the same to her victims, even threatening to kill their loved ones unless they confess to their actions. She also killed Kyle and attempted to kill Tom; two innocent people who had nothing to do with what happened to her, their only 'crimes' being investigating the haunted game. Although she appeared to regret killing Kyle, she got over it quickly when Kyle fought back against her, showing her need to justify her actions and lust for control are more important to her than feeling empathy for others. In addition, she's shown to be sadistic and openly admits that she enjoys toying with her victims, showing that while she does delusionally believe her actions to be justified, she also does it out of enjoyment in seeing her ex-friends suffer for no other reasons other than sadism and petty revenge. With her hatred mounting over her morals and judgement, Sarah is unwilling to listen to reason, refuses to admit that her revenge is hypocritical in nature and that her torture of her friends is something she enjoyed, and was primarily motivated by sadism.

Despite her egotistical nature and desire to torture her friends for nothing more than entertainment, Sarah is still a victim and is shown to be traumatized by the events that lead to her death. Being forcibly confined to an empty void, Sarah's psyche would undergo further mental collapse over the course of the next thirty years spent isolated and tortured by the night of her death, becoming blinded by rage and her fear of being forgotten and abandoned. Coupled with the manipulation of an unknown entity, it made it easier for Sarah to be influenced and manipulated. Sarah also has moments where she breaks down and shows genuine remorse for her actions, especially after she killed Kyle, but is coerced back into her murderous ways by the Entity influencing her. She's shown to still have some humanity left in her as Luther was shown to have gotten close to getting her to redeem herself, and it's very likely she would've accepted defeat if not for the Entity interjecting itself.

Be it rambling about video games or superheroes, Jim wears his passions on his sleeve. Usually found replaying a Zelda title instead of working through his ever-growing backlog, he is a huge fan of all-things fantasy and likes nothing more than to chat about it.

If Mama Tattletail is not chasing the player, knocking on Mom's door causes nothing to happen, except for the sound of Mom yawning if they knock a few times. However, when Mama Tattletail is chasing the player and the player knock on Mom's door, it will open and Mama will jumpscare the player from inside Mom's room. This will unlock the achievement "What Did You Expect?"

There was nothing quite like cracking open the pillowy cocoon that encased a clunky VHS tape for movie time. Whether it was a new purchase or fresh from Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, popping that bad boy in a VHS player and fiddling with the pause/rewind/play functions for way too long was as good as it gets.

Larry, forgive me for putting my two cents in: You are absolutely right in your suggestion to use alcohol; however, I must intervene with the admonition to use only 91% grade! Anyone using a lesser grade takes the chance of causing future problems because of the water content. Actually, alcohol is great for a number of things but nothing less than 91% should ever be employed.

The box design is much cooler if you know nothing about the movie. On a quick glance, you might even assume that the film starred two different Jasons! (In reality, Jason X was set in the distant future, where our battled-scarred hero morphs into an uber version, by way of a weird contraption on a spaceship.) 041b061a72


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